Broken Nights 2 is Underway…

Mike and I have been insanely busy (he got married just last weekend) but that hasn’t stopped us from making headway on the second book of Broken Nights (The Book That Hath Not Been Named). We’ve put together an entire outline for the second book, as well as developed some great new characters.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers for book 1, so, if you haven’t read the first book, please go pick up a copy either digitally or in paperback over on Amazon.

The theme of this series is all about family and relationships, but we have sub-themes that guide the stories as well. In book 1, the sub-theme was technology versus man, with a surprising result. In this book, we’ve decided to turn this story toward something else that Jason Night has never come face to face with before…


I’d like to give you a short I put together that will still need some polishing before we put it in the final draft, but this is when Jason, as The Guardian, meets a magic user in his city. In this short, you’ll get a taste of some of the fun stuff from book 1, but also get a hint as to where the next novel is going, including familial dynamics and new equipment.

Once again, please don’t read this if you don’t want spoilers. I encourage you to go to Amazon and get yourself a copy of Broken Nights!

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New Site, just for me!

Hi all,

if you’re here, I’m hoping that it’s because you’re a fan of my writing.

Otherwise, you might know me as the President and very busy runner of Davenport Writes, LLC. Davenport Writes is a great place to find all of your author resources and learn more about how you should be handling your author and writing career.

But, while writing for Davenport Writes is very enjoyable work, it’s also limiting. It’s a company for all authors and not the place that I should be posting about my personal experiences or writing career.

So, I’ve migrated here for my personal writings and musings. I hope that you enjoy them here as much as I do.