My name is Matthew Davenport, and I’m an author of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. I write short stories, novels, and blogs. I am also a big reader. I’m also a pretty big geek/nerd/whatever.

I was born an Army brat and spent most of my life living in upstate New York. In New York, I went to school at SUNY Potsdam where I received a degree in Archaeology/Anthropology. Following an Archaeology career, I ended up in Iowa where I worked for several years in an Archaeology Lab just outside of Cedar Rapids.

Unfortunately, Indiana Jones wears the same clothes in every movie (including the one that takes place 20 years later) and I should have seen that as an omen. I couldn’t make a living doing archaeological work, not if I still wanted to eat. In an effort to find more money, I started taking on part-time jobs until I found one that I was almost good at.

That career was Technology Sales for a popular Book Retailer that’s still around. I sold tablets and was incredibly surprised to find that I loved sales and being a salesman. While there, I met my wife, Ren, and began a career in sales and marketing. Following the sales career, I’m no longer working for the Book Retailer, but am definitely still in sales.

In April of 2018, my daughter, Willow, was born. My family is my first passion, while books and writing are a close, but not too close, second.

I’ve always been a writer, but it wasn’t until I moved to Iowa that I decided to attempt “making it big.” Well, I’m still trying and your support helps to pave that road for me. Feel free to check out my works on Amazon, and if you’re looking for signed copies, send me an email at spazenport@gmail.com.

If you love what you read, please feel free to leave comments on Amazon, iTunes, or my blog.