Arrow 6×07 “Thanksgiving” Review

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on ARROW this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
I’m also going to try doing it in a simpler format. I’ve gotten rid of my play by play reactions and am opting to write a single shorter review post for each show instead of the super long reviews I have been doing. Let me know what you think.
Oliver gets arrested and Cayden James has a huge secret vendetta against the Green Arrow.
Oliver was finally arrested by the Feds, and after a huge episode about the importance of promises kept to children, Oliver is pissed because the Feds are making it look like he broke his promise to his kid. Cayden James and his evil team are making it look like they are going to build a nano-thermite bomb and blow up a stadium at a Billy Joel concert. All of this happens while Diggle tries Curtis’s prototype nerve-damage repair tech, and goes into major steroid withdrawals over it. If he continues to be the Arrow, he’ll become completely paralyzed.
Nice going, Curtis.
Oliver decides that how he’s treated John during the whole “nerve-damage” scandal isn’t fair, so until Diggle can put the hood back on, Oliver is going to do it again. He confronts Cayden James at the concert while Team Arrow takes out a bunch of fake cops, and Cayden explains that there is no bomb, not yet anyway, he just wanted a moment alone to tell the Green Arrow that for some secret reason that has to do with Cayden’s kid, he’s got a big and bad vendetta against him.
We are left to speculate what that Vendetta could be.
In the meantime, somebody video taped Team Arrow fighting the fake cops and released it right before the Vigilante vote, causing vigilantism to become illegal in Starling City again.
The other two big things that happened are Oliver lied to William about putting on the Hood and Thea Woke UP! The lie is going to bite Oliver in the ASS very hard, but it’s ok to ignore that because THEA WOKE UP.
After Wally’s return in The Flash and now Thea in Arrow, I’m wondering what kind of antics we can expect to see in the big Crossover event from those two.
As for my thoughts on this episode, we got to see the return of Oliver as the Arrow, which I liked, and we saw more of Captain Lance which is never a bad thing. We also have the motivations of the bad guy set up, nowhere near as solid as in The Flash, but its there.
The big fail, is this stuff with the Feds. I feel like Lyla would have got them off Oliver’s back by now, and whereas she also wasn’t anywhere around when Diggle was in the hospital. That’s kinda weird.
Can we get to the Crossover now?

Legends of Tomorrow 3×07 “Welcome to the Jungle”

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on LEGENDS OF TOMORROW this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
I’m also going to try doing it in a simpler format. I’ve gotten rid of my play by play reactions and am opting to write a single shorter review post for each show instead of the super long reviews I have been doing. Let me know what you think.
The team ends up in Vietnam during the height of the conflict and it looks like Grodd has been kidnapping and brainwashing people from both sides of the conflict. The other big plot is Mick (our favorite) meeting his father before he can come home to raise, abuse, and die at Mick’s hands. Mick is weird about it, he doesn’t want to meet the man he burned to death, it kind of defeats the point of the murder.
This episode was great in that it brought back Grodd, and I love Grodd, but it also gives us some great backstory on Mick. The other big thing it does is ask a question that has been on everyone’s mind since Stein’s relative showed up in Victorian England: Why are this anachronisms occurring around the relatives of the Legends? First Stein’s ancestor, then Ray as a kid, and now Mick’s dad. Is someone trying to take out the Legends, or maybe change who they are?
We also get a Jax in this episode who wants to see if he can survive on the team as a hero without the use of Firestorm (if Stein leaves). Jax manages to save the President of the United States without lighting up.
It was a great episode and makes me excited to watch what happens at the Crossover next week.
Love the Ghostbusters reference, by the way. “There is no Sara, only Grodd.”

The Flash 4×07 “Therefore I Am” Review

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on THE FLASH this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
I’m also going to try doing it in a simpler format. I’ve gotten rid of my play by play reactions and am opting to write a single shorter review post for each show instead of the super long reviews I have been doing. Let me know what you think.
The Flash opened up this episode exactly where the last episode took off.  Clifford DeVoe is a guy in a wheelchair who couldn’t possibly be The Thinker… Except that he is, and Barry knows it, but there’s no way to prove it and all of Team Flash thinks he’s being Barry from last season. If you recall, that Barry was paranoid and angry. He’s seeming super paranoid this time around, but it’s well founded. I mean, DeVoe is in a wheelchair…Flash learned a long time ago that he shouldn’t trust a guy in a wheelchair.
That being said, there are two big contradictions in this episode. The first being that Barry is off the wall paranoid. To the point that he is sloppy.  The second contradiction is that Team Flash doesn’t believe Barry. At this point, it’s completely out of character for any of them not to believe  Barry. They trust Caitlyn to not be Frost, but that can’t trust the Forensic Specialist/Superhero.
The best part of this episode was all of the flashbacks. We got some great shots of Wellsobard (Eobard Thawne as Harrison Wells) from season 1 as well as a great backstory for the villain. The backstory, this early in the season, gave us more flavor for the villain, and humanized him, than if we did it later, like with Savitar. Instead of making the big suspense about who he is, which is a cheaper suspense, they make the big bad scary by giving him a backstory and showing that he’ll go to any length for what he wants. Now we have to worry about how smart he is and what he’s capable of.
Either way, this episode rounded up with everyone believing Barry after Clifford confesses to him.
This was a good episode, but as far as feel, it felt like a mix of Barry from season 3 and villain from season 1.
The most important part of this episode is that Wally is back, and he fought Starro! Starro is Earth-1 canon now. Woot!

Review: History is Wrong by Von Daniken


This book was a doozy. Seriously, I had to finish a liter of vodka just to choke this stuff down. Heck, that was after taking the pound and a half of cocaine.

Erich von Daniken started his research asking a couple of cousins and waiters if they knew what the Voynich Manuscript was. As expected, their answers were all in the negative.

Heck, I’m a professional archaeologist and I don’t even know what it is!

But I digress…

After Erich von Daniken asks about a 100 of these goobers he explains that everyone’s lack of knowledge on the subject is indicative of the lack of knowledge of the subject in academic circles. This, and only this, is the only point in this entire book in which I will agree with Erich von Daniken.

The purpose of archaeological studies (as I’ve stated repeatedly) is to enlighten and educate. The Voynich Manuscript is a 15th or 16th century, currently untranslated, document. Shy of a press release dating and marking its provenience, the public wouldn’t have heard anything about the manuscript until it has been interpreted. Instead of jumping on the sane train and saying what I just said, Erich von Daniken instead decides to state that the lack of public knowledge on the subject is instead part of some plot to hide what most academics are too close minded to admit: we can’t decipher it because it was written by aliens.


Yes. Aliens.

Fact: the Voynich manuscript is written in an, as of yet, undeciphered script.

Fact: the Voynich manuscript has detailed star/sun charts.

Scientific conclusion? An as of yet undetermined culture had the mathematical and observational skills to plot star/sun charts.

The Erich Von Daniken conclusion? Our inability to interpret the foreign language implies no failing on our part but instead implies that beings much smarter than us wrote it. Also, the detailed star charts are obviously contrived from mathematics too complex for early man to decipher and are indicative of beings who have grander perspectives than early man.

The Erich Von Daniken conclusion that I just gave you is basically all of “History is Wrong” pertaining to the Voynich manuscript. You’ll also find that when reading this book you come across, repeatedly, two signature pseudoscience tools:

The first of these tools is the “piece it together yourself” questioning. Pseudoscience is opinion based over factual. For this reason, after a pseudoscientist makes a claim he/she will usually follow it up with a question instead of a factual explanation. This is a con man slide. It chooses to engage you in hopes that while contemplating related conclusions you’ll not question the lack of cited evidence. When asked to answer a question, you’re usually too busy answering to take the time to say “Woah…wait a second…that doesn’t make sense.”

Politicians use it too…a lot.

The second, and probably slightly more annoying, tool in the pseudoscientist toolbox is one I like to call “Look at my big friend…” This method is the presentation of proof that you know someone famous instead of proof to your claims. Its a means of von Daniken to say “I must be right because this famous person wrote me a letter.” The major example in this book is the letter from Neil Armstrong, also known as the first man to step on the moon.

In short, von Daniken claims to have been part of an excavation that discovered a metal library within a cave system in Los Tayos, in South America. After the supposed discovery, he claims that the press had covered it up and wouldn’t believe him, he also takes this moment to point out that documentation that would prove his point (photographs, journal entries) are simply missing (at one point, even saying “(my archive is missing)”[page 130 opposite the letter from Armstrong]). He then claims to have just surrendered until he heard that another crew had visited the excavation and brought along Armstrong.

Von Daniken mails Armstrong a letter asking for his take on the alien library in the caves and Armstrong states: “I understand that there have been magazine articles in Germany and Argentina which reported on the excavation and related it to your theories…I was asked in Ecuador whether I had observed any evidence of highly developed societies having been in the area, and I answered that I had not.” He continued the letter stating that he appreciated the offer to accompany von Daniken on an excavation but would have to refuse.

So…Armstrong said no aliens. Pretty clear cut, right?

Erich Von Daniken instead states that the letter is proof that he has been victimized by the media and that Armstrong had given him his full support. Very simply, a celebrity contacted von Daniken in response, and von Daniken is using it to drum up popularity.

This of course follows Erich Von Daniken’s refuting of the comments in the media that he admitted to never actually being in the caves in Ecuador.

I shall answer this one from personal experience.

I, Matt the Spaz, have actually watched the interview in which Erich Von Daniken states that he had never been to the caves. Back in college, in Riddles of the Past 101 with Dr. Marqusee, we watched the whole video and not only does he say that he’s never been to the caves, but also that half of the Nazca lines that he claimed were landing pads for alien beings he had never actually visited. He ended the interview saying that, when he writes his books, he knows he’s writing for an audience and that he brings a large portion of poetic license into each book he writes.

For those of you new to literary parlance, poetic license is “make-believe.”

Finally, the book ends weak. Erich Von Daniken falls into a lull and must have noticed, because he quickly starts just repeating stuff from his other books, all of it can be found in his original, “Chariots of the Gods?“

His book ends on a quote, pleading with the audience one last time to view him as the victim.

“Those who cannot attack the thought, instead attack the thinker.” (Paul Valery 1871-1945)

In response: Erich Von Daniken I don’t see you as a victim of the media or of “mainstream archaeology.” I see you as a person who completely ignores the Scientific Method. I love your “thought.” I think its awesome. Aliens rock. The purposeful bending of scientific evidence to your theories is what I attack. Read the evidence as it is, don’t make it fit your beliefs.

Pseudoscientists are either people who failed to correctly learn the scientific method, or snake-oil salesmen.

I encourage everyone to ignore this book, go out and buy Chariots of the Gods? and laugh your butt off reading that one. In forty years, he has come up with nothing new to write.

1 star out of 5.

This post was originally written back in 2009.

Supergirl 3×07 “Wake Up” Review

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on SUPERGIRL this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
I’m also going to try doing it in a simpler format. I’ve gotten rid of my play by play reactions and am opting to write a single shorter review post for each show instead of the super long reviews I have been doing. Let me know what you think.
Supergirl 3×07- “Wake Up”
-This week broke from what I think was a pretty solid pattern for this season and didn’t have a simple theme. This episode dealt with Kara finally getting her wish, in the return of Mon-El, but also getting a heavy dose of “Be careful what you wish for.”
As everyone kind of guessed when Mon-El disappeared into a wormhole in space last season, he went to the future and joined the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century (Not confirmed in this episode, but yeah, that’s what happened). When a submarine gets attacked by his dormant ship buried under National City (that was very lucky) almost 12,000 years ago, Mon-El is reunited with Kara, but he’s being super shifty. I feel like everyone could figure out the big twist here as soon as Kara said, “It’s been such a long and hard 7 months.” The big twist, for those who couldn’t figure out the foreshadowing in that sentence, is that it hasn’t been 7 months for Mon-El, but has actually been 7 years (12,007 more like, but he was unconscious during that time). He moved on and married a gal from Titan, Imra Ardeen. It’s sad, but only because it’s been a much shorter time for Kara. Mon-El was infuriating in this episode. I feel like he should have just been straight forward about his situation from the moment he saw Kara. “Kara, I know this sucks, but I got sucked into the future, where they cured me of lead and I was living for seven years. Before you go getting your hopes up, you should know that, while it was incredibly difficult and heart-breaking, I did end up getting over you and falling in love with Titan lady. Sorry, can we still be besties?” The other time that he frustrated me (read that as “really pissed me off”) was when he kissed his wife right when he was about to tell Kara everything, but without actually telling her. He just runs over, kisses her and is all “Oh, right, earthlings care about tact, my bad.” Not cool dude. Obviously Kara needs a trip to a different Earth for a little while (see next week’s episode).
The other major plot of this episode was Samantha finding her own Fortress of Sanctuary (really original…seriously, what other ideas did you steal from Jor-el? Dude, that Lady Jor-el knock off was super creepy) and awakening her power that is Reign. Turns out that she’s a brainwashed world destroyer, and when Creepy Hologram lady says the magic words, Reign wakes up and pushes Samantha deep down. I’m getting a really big vibe that they are stealing from the Smallville Doomsday plot with Davis Bloome. She’s going to go all evil, then her daughter will be the only one to bring her back. It was even foreshadowed fairly heavily with the “Hear that? You’re my heart” scene.
Finally, there was a subplot of J’onn and his awesome father, Myr’nn getting an apartment to start becoming more a part of the world and rediscovering their “humanity” (martianity? I don’t know, let’s just go with “personable skills.”
All in all, it was a great episode that reminded me Jimmy existed by giving him about 30 seconds of screen time, brought back Mon-El, and finally gave Martian Manhunter some more backstory. Unfortunately, I feel as though it suffered from the same thing that I think has been plaguing this entire season: Emo-Kara. She spends every episode getting cured. Then she falls back into the pouty “I’m just gonna be an alien, because being a human hurts too much.” Which, by the way, is so damned racist. Aliens have feelings too. Ask literally anyone in that damned bard you hang out in.

CW Shows Week 6 (Fall 2017)

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, or ARROW this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
Supergirl 3×06 “Midvale”
-Theme this week is “Sisters.”
In an episode that can only be properly be described as Smallville 2.0, we got a great reminder of what makes Supergirl one of the best CW Shows: Alex and Kara’s relationship. The episode has a short intro with Kara and Alex going back to Midvale to spend a weekend trying to get over being bitchy. During that time, we get an episode worth of flashback where Kara learns what it’s like to be a human as well as a hero and Alex learns to accept freakin’ weirdos and aliens. It was a great episode who’s only flaw was making me wish for a series called “Midvale.”
Thoughts as I watch: (These are written down live as I watch the show)
  • Hey, they borrowed J’onn’s car! Love that car.
  • DEO death package pays really well. That is a nice house.
  • Alex is vulnerable. We know this because they take a moment to examine her after the shower. Showering people are vulnerable people.
  • Eliza should worry more about Kara than Alex. Kara is an emotional wreck.
  • Kara, you totally hashed this out in the first and then the second episode. Get over it. That being said, props to Eliza for rocking the the mom powers.
  • “You can make it Irish.” Kara’s the sister I never had.
  • Damn straight Alex! Tell her off! Kara’s being stupid!
  • Most sisterly fight they’ve ever had.
  • Little Alex and Kara are perfectly cast.
  • Really makes you think the Kents had it easy with having no other children and with Kal-el being a baby.
  • Really, I just feel bad for Eliza.
  • Haha, Kara is a Superman fangirl.
  • Oh hey, it’s the Midvale chapter of the Mean Girls.
  • Same school colors as Smallville.
  • Astronomy Fun! She’s going to cry over Krypton. I’m calling it.
  • Nope, no tears. She almost kissed a human, though. Seems dangerous. Passing alien plagues and such.
  • Shit! When he said “You’d be surprised what it sees,” I suddenly remembered the Tom Welling from Smallville using his telescope like a peeping tom.
  • Alex is not cool.
  • Oh No! They Killed Kenny!
  • Tough girl Kara, getting up in the jock’s face.
  • I like this cop. Must be the badguy.
  • Heat-visioning Alex might not make her like you more.
  • Clark has a friend named Chloe!!! WITH A WALL OF WEIRD! There’s a Chloe on Earth 38! I’m so happy! So Happy!
  • Shit! The Teacher is a pedophile…
  • I’d watch a Midvale series. Seriously.
  • “Crikey, watch as the sisterly bond develops between the adolescent human and her adopted alien sister. This is where it could all go wrong, or all go right! Keep back now, we don’t want to anger the females.”
  • Erica Durance is really J’onn. No one could look like her mother to that degree. J’onn’s an ass.
  • Kara needs family. Why hasn’t she called Clark.
  • Way to reverse psycho out your sister, Alex.
  • Sheriff is the Killer. That sucks. I liked him.
  • Email from CHLOE!!!!!
  • I’ll bet Alex lives…
  • Wait, random thought. If Chloe is here, does this mean that there is also a version of Oliver on this Earth that likes near-neon colors of green?
  • “Screw it,” Good call, Kara!
  • Badass Alex is always badass. It’s somehow genetic. Btw, Badass entrance for Kara.
  • Kenny Lee was cool with Secrets. He could have been Kara’s Chloe.
  • Lesson for the adults: “I’d rather be human than risk losing you.”
  • Now Kara can be a peeping tom just like her cousin.
  • Took her 10 years to set up that telescope. That’s what happens when you give a telescope to someone with telescopic vision.
  • Awwww, “I feel at home with you.”
  • “That possum came from nowhere.” – Kara, showing that she cares more for possums than white martian lives.
The Flash 4×06 “When Harry Met Harry”
-When I heard that this episode was going to happen, it became the episode that I was dying to see almost as much as the big crossover event.
The Flash plot for this story is around training Ralph to be a superhero instead of a cop. About how it’s not always about catching the bad guy so much as protecting people. Ralph learns it the hard way when he does catch the bad guy, but a little girl got hurt. Ralph learns his lesson (while making a great point that The Flash should be fast enough to catch the bad guy and protect the civilians, but plot) and ends up befriending a little girl.
The other plot in this episode revolves around Harry putting together a think tank to locate the Thinker. This is a thinly veiled reason to examine the fact that Harry doesn’t know how to make friends. He tried making friends, and the Council of Wells was made. Using Multiverse Holographic Telephones, he gathered the council and they fight too much, so Cisco has to step up and teach Harry to not look for the annoying things but to look for the things that make them the same. That’s how friendship works, by recognizing similarities to bond over.
I’m pretty sure that’s what the second plot was about. I was too busy enjoying the Council of Wells. They were hilarious.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Same crook tries to rob Barry that did in Season 1.
  • “Stop shooting him!” -Barry, I’m kind of on Ralph’s side on this. That dumb crook sees that when he shoots Ralph he gets shot instead and then proceeds to shoot him again. Idiot.
  • “What’s the second job? Long-winded lectures before noon?” – Ralph
  • “One day, I’m going to throw a lightning bolt so far up – I’m taking him to the hospital.” Frustrated Barry is hilarious.
  • Damn, the Thinker is good. That was cool.
  • Cisco has ran out of damn’s to give.
  • Harry has friends? Haha.
  • “Pretty sure I relived my own birth.” – Cisco
  • The Therapist comes back!
  • Woah! Meta moves statues! Night at the Museum, anyone?
  • “Remember the days when we wouldn’t calmly consider a stone statue a prime suspect?” – Barry
  • Council of Wells!!!! Harrison Wolfgang Wells, H. Lathario Wells, Wells 2.0, and Wells the Gray!
  • Of course Cisco names them…
  • Wells 2.0 ate his Cisco… That’s pretty fucked up.
  • Dark Matter is the new meteor freak from Smallville. Not complaining, just noticing.
  • Puppy’s raincoat!
  • I kind of agree with Black Bison. Choke the asshole!
  • Barry Savatar’d the suit of armor.
  • “I can see your frank and beans.” – followed by – “Baby violence solves nothing.” – Council of Wells
  • “It’s like your junk has been burned into my brain.” – “You’re welcome.”
  • Ralph dropped the ball.
  • No HIPPA Laws on Earth 1. Barry and Ralph can hear a full medical diagnosis for a kid they have no reason to know anything about.
  • “I hate them, I hate them all.” – “I’d like to gouge out the other eye.” – Harry on the Council of Wells.
  • “Sometimes, you’re a Wizard, Harry.” – Cisco with the Harry Potter reference.
  • Seriously, I love the Council of Wells.
  • Touching Ralph and Barry moment.
  • Black Bison is quick with her hands.
  • Onions Everywhere! (I don’t remember why I wrote this note, so if anyone doesn’t mind reminding me. I’d appreciate it. Maybe I’ll rewatch the episode this afternoon.)
  • Dinosaur time! Getting Harry Dresden vibes…
  • Good Job Barry!
  • Good guy Ralph mailed the necklace back to the Sioux Reservation.
  • Hospitals let stretchy pervs into people’s rooms. Seriously, why would they let him in there?
  • Council of Wells succeeded!
  • Woah! The Thinker changed his outfit pretty quickly.
Legends of Tomorrow 3×06 “Helen Hunt”
-Helen of Troy is an anachronism. She ends up in 1937 at the WB and starts a corporate war over her beauty. While the Legends try to fix that issue, they also have the issue of Stein and Jax switching minds and Damien Darhk trying to use Helen to destroy time.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • 1937 at the WB, great start CW…owned by WB…
  • Holy Canoli!
  • Love the old timey Legends Logo!
  • Nanites courtesy of Ray Palmer!
  • Ha! They’ve been freaky Friday’d.
  • Great actors. Well done on the switch.
  • Hollywood Trojan War
  • “Don’t knock the Academy, Gray.”
  • Helen’s a perfect victim. Like of all time. And why do WB Execs carry guns?
  • Gray has it bad for Hedy Lamar. Of course he does.
  • I like Nate’s hat. Of course I do.
  • Mick doesn’t even try to dress up. Love it.
  • “I’d do her.” – Mick.
  • Why doesn’t Helen ask why nothing makes sense or why she’s even there?
  • Oh, they answered that.
  • Darhk is her agent and now a series regular? Love him as a villain, so I like this decision.
  • By the way, when the Crossover happens are they going to address the whole Oliver not knowing that Darhk is alive? I feel like he wouldn’t be too happy about this.
  • I’m liking the advance of the Totem plot.
  • She’s totally Amaya’s descendant.
  • Mick is crazy smart.
  • Ooooh! Ray knows her! She has to be Amaya’s descendant. He knew the water totem lady from the cartoon. They are bringing more cartoon info into it. Love it.
  • Nasty in the pasty. haha.
  • Is Helen blind? They ARE killing each other in your name.
  • I hope Helen falls for Sara. That’d solve everything.
  • Why can’t they take the mini-time-ship thing?
  • “Better not be calling in your hall pass, Gray!”
  • Sometimes, you have to be crazy if you want to burn bright. – That’s a good quote.
  • How does Darhk use magic now? In Arrow, he had that head thing that provided magic based on how many people you killed. He doesn’t have that now.
  • Pee Break!
  • Fight Time!
  • Hedy believed the nuclear man thing very easily.
  • Sara is so kickass. Seriously. Great fighting.
  • Oh right. Hedy is smart.
  • Eleanore is Darhk’s daughter!!
  • Kickass Gray!
  • “Please tell me Firestein’s a thing!” – Nate
  • Gray gets hit on by Hedy. That’s fun.
  • Thymescara is part of the Arrowverse! That also means that Zari knows about it from 2042. So, Wonder Woman must come about before then.
Arrow 6×06 “Promises Kept”
-This continues last week’s episode with Slade joining his son in the Jackals. Slade is torn between helping his son and being the better person and stopping his son’s terrorist actions. Oliver helps him figure it out.
Team Diggle, I mean, Team Arrow meets the Dragon who also happens to be Diggle’s dealer. So he has to struggle with taking out the drug dealer and not getting any more drugs, or coming clean literally and figuratively with the team. He makes the right choice and we see Lyla and Connor for the first time in a while.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Deathstroke with nothing left to lose. Yikes.
  • Flashbacks! Touching flashback with flashbacks in it. Meta flashbacks!
  • Diggle’s drugs are wearing off.
  • Enter the Dragon!
  • Lyla! Haven’t seen her in a while. Maybe now would be a good time to ask her about getting the FBI off of your … oh, nevermind. You’re just gonna bang her.
  • Shit! No more drugs.
  • Reassignment of Resources? Vaguebook much?
  • I don’t like this Nylander guy who keeps teasing Deathstroke.
  • One Year Back From The Dead is totally a thing in the Arrowverse. Sara Lance celebrates Deathaversaries. So does Thea.
  • Somebody wishes Oliver was really his kid…
  • Mirakuru flashbacks?
  • Dragon supplies Arrow with Drugs. Introducing Ricardo Diaz.
  • Deathstroke doesn’t want to kill anyone.
  • Stress-eating time! Wild Dog is my kinda teammate.
  • Diggle knows Ricardo!
  • Honest up, Diggle, please.
  • Oliver got caught by Nylander? Right. I’ll believe that the same day I believe that Mick isn’t the best thing about Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Ghost Shadow is a bitch. Anybody weirding out seeing Slade makeout with the air? I guess they wouldn’t say anything. He might get stabby.
  • Diggle is telling Lyla! First right thing he’s done all season.
  • Blade by the eye. Not cool.
  • Oh, Joe. Don’t threaten Oliver’s son. That’s the dumbest thing you could do.
  • Yes. That was a “little too convincing.”
  • Poor Slade. Gonna have to kill his son.
  • Oliver is great this season. He’s turned into a legit good person.
  • Ricardo Diaz doesn’t show up on traffic cams, but they have surveillance of him so he’s not that good.
  • Ricardo fights with his men. That’s a good bad guy boss to work for.
  • Your days as the Arrow are done now, Diggle.
  • Nylander is totally the fall guy. Cane/Joe knows that the guy who pulls the trigger is going to die.
  • Oliver is killing again. If you recall, he kills because he “likes it.”
  • I said last week that Joe totally saw Slade kill the spy on the camping trip.
  • Brother Drop! Grant? Is the Flash his brother? Oh, no, he killed him.
  • Both of them? How is Slade going to find both of them. Grant’s dead.
  • Neat mist vanish scene.
  • Aww, Diggle’s doing the right thing!
  • Ice cream for dinner. Felicity gained cool points.
  • Damn straight you’d better apologize to Wild Dog!
  • Curtis is so right! Literally used science to make a woman walk again, he can fix your nerve damage. Seriously.
  • Haha, “Kiss ass.”
  • Of course Dinah is keeping the secrets now.

Review: Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

To be completely fair, I haven’t read the entire series of currently available titles in the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. I’m read three of them, and I’ll try to limit my remarks to only those three titles.

First of all, I’d like to mention that the best thing about these books is the narrative. As a proper fan for the original works by the master, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I find the voice of Dr. Watson in each of these stories to match perfectly with the vocabulary and use, as well as the mind set, of the originals.

The first I read, right at the beginning of the New Year, was The Ectoplasmic Man. The story focuses on how Harry Houdini, recently on tour in London, made the mistake of demonstrating his act in front of several police from Scotland Yard. Then the very next day a crime takes place that only an escape artist could have achieved. Naturally, the recently impressed police arrest Houdini and Holmes is fast on the case to prove the frame up. This story was awesome and silly. On the one hand it reminded me, in concept only, of Scooby Doo when he met the Globetrotters and Batman. On the other hand, it was very specifically a classic Holmes tale that availed itself towards being a Houdini biography. Even better though, was that it wasn’t written like a biography, and instead kept my rather easily bored attention span. You get to see the trials and problems that Houdini had to go through as a Jew in a still predominantly Anti-Semitic culture. And of course, I enjoy any scenes in which Mycroft Holmes gets to partake. Not because I greatly like his character or feel he was never fully fleshed out, so much as I love the interaction between the brothers. This book was great and managed to entertain me thoroughly.

On a slightly more fantasy scale of things, we have the Seance for a Vampire. Only partially narrated by Watson, as parts of his manuscript were lost or not up to the par of the more recent narrator’s opinion. The rest of it though was narrated by Dracula, the Prince of all that is unholy as well as the distant cousin to Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes.  This story involves Holmes being asked to prove foul play in the death of a young woman who is of the lineage of a thief who wronged another thief, turned vampire, 200 years previously. Long story short, she’s a vampire now, and never wanted to be. Her entire turning is treated like a rape, an interesting way to put it, as it was sexual for the evil vampire (evil because he’s not Dracula), and because she really didn’t want to be turned, and now that she has been, she hates it. And while fantastic in that it includes vampires, one thing the author does is include historical notes about the rise of Stalin and the entire Russian aristocracy, including an introduction to Rasputin. It was both a great branch off into science fiction and a great telling of another Holmes tale.

The final of the three that I’ve read is The Man From Hell. This tale was more classic Holmes than the rest I think. No guest stars and no vampires. It even had a note at the beginning from Watson about how the characters are still alive and well and how the names must be changed in the retelling, which I thought was the most classic element of all three. Holmes is called to do his own investigation into the death of Lord Blackwater, who happens to have died, as the police put it, by poachers. Holmes immediately deducts that it’s not poachers, but a flat out murder. We learn about the mid-19th century penal system known as “the System” and how it effected children and men, and we learn of a mysterious group known as the Ring. The previous two kept my attention because of their guest stars. This one kept my attention because it was just a great mystery. I couldn’t put it down when Holmes was doing his thing. This one also had some very nice notes in the back for historical context, which I think only proper since anyone writing in the early 20th century would be referencing events I would know nothing about.

Long story short, all of the Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes are more than worth your time and I encourage you to run or type your way to the mystery section of your bookstore or ereader and purchase a copy immediately.

Now I’m going to eat dinner and watch a cartoon.

So there.


This review was originally posted to an old blog of mine back on 1/27/2011.

CW Shows Week 5 (Fall 2017)

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, or ARROW this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
Supergirl 3×05 “Damage”
-Supergirl has become a theme show. I’m not complaining, but it’s fairly obvious. A few weeks ago it was Dads, then it was Religion, now this week’s theme is Kids.
Last season, Lena Luthor used a device that her brother, Lex made, to save the world from the invasion of the Daxomites. The device is capable of seeding the atmosphere of the entire planet with whatever mineral they choose at low enough levels that it won’t effect humans. The purpose of which, originally, was to seed the atmosphere with Kryptonite, eliminating Superman without hurting the rest of humanity. Lena used the device to seed the atmosphere with harmless levels of lead, the Daxomite weakness.
Unfortunately, a bunch of kids are getting sick with lead poisoning. Mysteriously, the first person to take notice is Morgan Edge. Kara and Samantha investigate and discover that Morgan Edge has been poisoning a few kids who went to a specific pool. The uncover the plot, but can’t tie anything to him because he’s a slimy snake.
In the secondary plot, Maggie and Alex break up because Alex wants to be a mom and Maggie doesn’t. They have some great conversations about how this doesn’t change how they feel, but, in very adult fashion, they know that their paths aren’t going the same way and decide to split up.
The perfection of this entire episode was that right when Alex needed her sister, Kara was there. She takes time off at the end of the episode and tells Alex that it’s road-trip time. Kara’s a great sister.
Thoughts as I watch: (These are written down live as I watch the show)
  • Lead Poisoning kids. Way to make an old school problem hip and with it again. Stay away from paint chips kids.
  • Thank you CW for saving us that 8 day debate between Alex and Maggie.
  • Geeze Louise, Morgan! That Cobra Effect thing is pretty damned messed up.
  • Rich Gal can see private medical records by making a phone call. HIPPA doesn’t exist yet on Earth-38…
  • CatCo needs a security check in booth. How do these people get in so easily? What is this? Star Labs?
  • Is this lead poisoning only in National City? Lex’s device was supposed to seed the entire atmosphere. The first red flag should totally be the only victims are in National City.
  • Shootout at the public address and Kara catches only 1 bullet. Tom Welling and Barry would have caught them all. Just sayin’.
  • That 10.2% of people should have been of the entire world, not just National City.
  • Moving out Montage!!
  • Holy crap Lena. That wine glass is so huge you should forgo it and just chug from the bottle.
  • Lena says “Lex never poisoned children,” but let’s be fair: He would have if he thought he could blame it on Superman.
  • This episode is very Erin Brokovich.
  • Death by Dumpling!
  • Crazy Goodbye Sex!
  • Adoption Stories! Kara should be suspect of anyone her age who was adopted around the same time…
  • Winn makes cool shit. I definitely need him and Cisco working on something together.
  • Lena totally knows Acre Lee Chemical. She’s a horrible liar. And Kara, the investigative journalist who can literally hear heartbeats,has no idea.
  • “Where the coyote goes to get all the stuff to kill the roadrunner from, right?” Smooth, Morgan. Real smooth.
  • Lena’s a killer! “I’m thinking like a Luthor.” She would have shot him. Without a doubt.
  • Shit! They are going to crash Lena in a plane just like Lex a la Smallville!
  • Doublt Shit. Edge is a cold asshole.
  • She could have heat visioned those engines quicker.
  • Where the fuck is J’onn? Supergirl wouldn’t need to choose between saving Lena and saving hundreds of people if J’onn just showed up and caught the other half of the plane.
  • Although that scene with Kara holding the plane halves was really cool.
  • Damn Morgan. Just damn. You’re colder than Caitlyn.
  • Why does he keep threatening a person who can catch planes? I get that he knows she won’t kill him, but she could just annoy the hell out of him with all sorts of things that nobody could ever trace back to her. Pop his tires every day, leave him on top of more containers, make sure that everything he eats is either too cold or too hot. I mean…anything.
  • Although, his threats are pretty cold. This fucker and Cayden James would be unstoppable.
  • Lena and Jimmy are so gonna hook up…
  • Emotional goodbye: Damn right she’ll be a great mom!
  • Yes, Lena, it is too much…
  • Danvers sisters moment! Family Road Trip!
The Flash 4×05 “Girls Night Out”
-Bachelor and Bachelorette party time!
This episode was great and a lot of fun. The boys go full bachelor party with Harry and drunk Barry being the greatest things in this entire episode. Ralph decides to take their “sit and watch movies” bachelor party and turn it into a traditional party with strip clubs and drinking. Cisco gives Barry an elixir so toxic that his super fast metabolism won’t be able to clean it out for hours, so we get a very drunk Barry who really loves chicken wings. There’s a drop in the drunk tank and a weird moment with Joe’s pseudo-step-daughter being a stripper. Also a great drunk fight with Joe getting tackled.
Bachelorette party goes a different direction with the introduction of Amunet Black, a gal with a fun accent who can manipulate specific type of metal. She has a problem with Frost and this interrupts their party festivities. There’s a lot of back and forth as Caitlyn and Frost try to come to terms with each other and as the lady half of Team Flash use #feminism to try and stop Amunet from selling a meta who cries love drugs. They call him the Weeper.
The boys get out of the drunk tank, and the girls save the day.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Totally forgot to take notes this episode, but that’s ok because the whole episode was noteworthy. Everything about this episode had me laughing, although I feel they overused the #feminism thing to the point where it didn’t feel like it was empowering so much as it was just a mantra that lost it’s effect by halfway through the episode.
  • Also: Drunk Barry is 100% right. Chicken wings deserve love and Jack could have lived.
Legends of Tomorrow 3×05 “Return of the Mack”
-A lot of plot happened in this story, but really this entire episode was just a reminder of how awesome Mick is. That being said, I’ll try to sum up the rest.
Rip is working without the Time Bureau’s knowledge in his hunt for the mysterious Mallus. They are in 1880’s I think and supposedly there’s a vampire. For this reason alone, Mick is awesome. Anyway, turns out that Mallus is supposedly going to resurrect a major domo in the hierarchy of magic, but who knows who it is. Turns out that it isn’t vampires, just a dude who likes using a double-pronged needle to drain people to help power the magic that will resurrect…you guessed it, Damien Darhk! Someone brought his body back to this time and he’s about to be resurrected meaner than ever.
During all of this, Rip kinda betrays literally everyone in his headlong pursuit of Mallus. Sara doesn’t react well and turns Rip into the Time Bureau.
Oh, and John Noble voice Mallus, which was fun.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Rip discovers a vampire in full Sherlockian style.
  • Nate pages people like my boss pages people. Which is funny.
  • “My whole life.” Mick. Episode’s over. Go home folks.
  • Nevermind, HAHA, Mick stabbed the corpse. Now the episode’s over.
  • “Because the corpse you buried was a vampire from the future, you idiot.” Mick
  • This whole thing is going to be Mick quotes.
  • Rip comes crawling back like a whiney baby.
  • Awww, their totems kissed.
  • Emperor Mollusk?
  • “I’m no one’s side piece.” Mick again.
  • “Is it because I’m handsome?”- Nate, “Pretty.”- Mick
  • Oh shit! DoppelStein!
  • Stein has an asshole actor ancestor.
  • Mick again, “Anyone doesn’t have a reflection gets a stake.”
  • “It’s that stache that’s astonishing.”
  • Oh, hey! It’s the mother of Lucifer’s baby and Brandon Routh’s wife.
  • I have no idea what Nate is singing.
  • DAAAAAAMN! Sara can fight!
  • Lucifer’s mom is a damned kooky woman… and mean too.
  • “Instead of a sexy vampire, I get stuck with this weirdo!” – Nate
  • Hey! CURTIS Cameo!
  • WTF? Damien? Really?
  • Damn Straight Sara’s the captain!
  • Still bitter that she’s been resurrected, though.
  • Knew Rip was going to screw it all up.
  • “Told you we shouldn’t have trusted the Englishman.” – Mick Honestly, everyone should just listen to Mick. They’d have a lot less stress.
  • It’s all on Zari, now.
  • Gave up her totem like a damned idiot. She must be a Legend.
  • Woah! Time Bust!
  • Eleanore is totally Mallus, just guessing.
  • John Noble! Eleanore isn’t Mallus?
  • “Who stole my watch?” Good entrance Darhk. I also like that he remembers everything that was wiped, too.
  • Fricken Toy Story 3!
  • Damien Kill Montage! And really good too!
  • Rip just became a Pseudo-Speedster. I want that toy!
  • Cool trick with the totem. Accio Totem!
  • Holy crap, Rip. You seriously messed up and got a lot of Time Agents dead.
  • Grape fruit is gross.
  • Sara is the voice of reason. That’s when you know you’ve fucked up, Rip.
  • Sara made the right call.
  • My actual prediction: Future Rip is Mallus.
Arrow 6×05 “Deathstroke Returns”
-Oliver is tasked with helping Slade find his estranged son. Team Arrow are under major heat from the FBI. We see the return of Vigilante, who’s trying to kill the lady who’s trying to get the Anti-Vigilante bill passed. Team Arrow keeps trying to help, but the FBI keeps getting in the way. Dinah discovers that Vigilante is Dinah’s old partner and boyfriend. Turns out that the dark matter explosion turned him into a meta that can heal.
As for the whole Slade and Oliver thing, they track him to Kasnia, and they are very Communist, with the whole sickle and hammer. They try to lie to Oliver and Slade about the kid dying in prison, but it turns out a group called the Jackals broke him out of jail.
One great Deathstroke fight later and we learn that Slade’s kid is actually running the Jackals.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • What are the odds that Dinah would see that sniper?
  • Slade!
  • Cane? Kaen? Caen?
  • Slade needs diplomacy. This sounds like its going to be an interesting episode.
  • Bringing back the flashbacks!
  • I want some freakin t-spheres.
  • FBI asking why Diggle is there when I’m also asking it. Props FBI gal.
  • Get your wife to call this FBI lady off your backs already, Diggle.
  • If Oliver doesn’t go, it’ll be a very slow episode.
  • Is Vigilante a Meta? That was a surprise.
  • “It’s You!” … guy I’ve never seen before. Probably her old partner.
  • Vincent Sable, old partner. Called it.
  • Dark Matter flashback, he’s totally a meta.
  • Slade’s not the Terminator, Arnold is.
  • “I’m not so nice a guy,” The build up.
  • I liked’s Felicity’s joke about her glasses.
  • That was a short and useless interview. Literally just asked her if she was dating Oliver and then let her leave.
  • Why do I feel like Slade has something up his sleeve?
  • That’s a very old tv in their Kasnian hotel.
  • Ferris Air name drop. Green Lantern is on the way?
  • Sickle and Hammer. Going old school Commies.
  • Slade’s kid isn’t dead. Oldest trick in the book.
  • Do you think he has to drain the eye patch when he cries?
  • Rugby, haha. Must be Australian…
  • John says what I’m thinking, too. Psychic show. Why isn’t she happy to see her dead partner?
  • Slade’s angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.
  • The Wolfman (Cane Wolfman) was taken by Jackals.
  • FBI is using the Council woman as bait. Geeze. That’s kind of intense.
  • Suit up, Deathstroke.
  • Just let Oliver help you, dumdumb. He’s bored. Oh wait, you drugged him.
  • I’ve been camping. A lot. People don’t just keep walking by your camp when you’re deep in the woods.
  • Your kid totally saw you kill that guy, Slade.
  • Watson doesn’t need to see Diggle. You had all the cops double checking ID’s. They know he was there.
  • How is she corrupt?
  • He’s not dead. Told you he was Meta.
  • Team Arrow will not be happy that she let Vigilante go.
  • We gonna get some Deathstroke fights or what?
  • There we go!!!
  • His son is the boss. I’m calling it.
  • Matchbox!
  • Don’t have a gun? Oliver will take a gun.
  • Told you his sone was the boss.
  • That’s how it ends? WTF? Didn’t know this was a two-parter.