Andrew Doran and the Scroll of Nightmares

Fresh on the trail of the Book of Eibon, Andrew and his assistant Nancy Dyer are confronted with old enemies and new as they discover that the book is more than they bargained for.

Parallel worlds, imprisoned monsters, and Government controlled experiments threaten everything the good Doctor has taken a stand to protect. Everything is on the line as dark prophecies loom closer than ever and nightmares begin to bleed from the next world and into ours.

Broken Nights 3

In the wake of the death of his father, Jason Night is grieving. Unlike before, though, the natural death of his father doesn’t hurt him nearly as much as the unnatural deaths that have plagued his life.

Alternatively, his digital duplicate of his sister is reeling at the news. Finding herself without a body leaves her with no way to mourn or be consoled and it’s affecting her job on Team Guardian.

As the people on their database of enhanced people begin to disappear in vast quantities, Jason and Amy have to look past their current issues and learn more about their supposed friends in the Government.

Who would need so many super-powered people and, more importantly, why?

Satan’s Salesman 2: The Devil is in the Details

Hell hath no fury like an ex-bestie with a lawyer. Not everything is sunshine and roses for Shane Lowe in his new role. (Writing this one with C.T. Phipps)

Coven (Broken Nights Spinoff)

The Multiverse Protection Bureau

The Esoteric Cavalry

I wanted to write a western, but I can’t do anything that isn’t weird and fun. First introduced in the Andrew Doran stories, this is a weird look at the wild west as brothers Hiram and Buford look to protect the lawless towns from the demons and horrors that plague them. Takes place after the Civil War and is part of (although set many years prior to) the Andrew Doran universe.