Fan-Fic Friday: A Grand-Goofy Movie!

I apologize to those who were excited to see a new episode of Arrow: Green Lantern this week. We will return to our regularly scheduled programming soon.

To explain today’s post, which is a huge break from what I normally do, you would have to know something about my family. My wife, my 2 year old, and myself are all obsessed with The Goofy Movie from 1995. The worst culprit would have to be my wife. Whereas I have fond memories of singing the songs and laughing with my brother about the movie, I was always more of a Goof Troop fan. My daughter has recently discovered the show and loves initiating Davenport Dance Parties whenever Powerline is on the screen. This of course leads into An Extremely Goofy Movie, the less successful sequel that follows Max (and Goofy) to college. My wife is a little less enthusiastic about this one, but Willow doesn’t know the difference between Powerline and Disco yet, but musical taste is reserved for 3 year olds, so I’m told.

That being said, I’ve always wanted to see the trilogy completed, and even more so now that Willow has entered our lives. Through A Goofy Movie, An Extremely Goofy Movie, cameos in Ducktales (the reboot), and some Christmas thing my daughter found on Disney+, we’ve only been given snippets of what came after and the road for the Goof family. What we’ve been given has shown that Max appreciates his dad more and more as he got older and that gave me an idea.

In my scenario, Max is in his late 20’s and, like his father, his spouse is nowhere to be seen. Max, the rocking out, skateboarding, extreme sports-junky is now a father to the very serious (think the kid from Pagemaster) very school-driven 8 year old little girl, Maz (or Mazzy).

One more thing before it starts: If Disney wants this, I’m totally willing to sell out. Give me a call, I’m sure you can use your Super Computers to find my phone number.

Opens on Maximilian Goof, late 20’s, knocking on a bedroom door decorated in little girl things.

Maz Goof is in her room and doing her homework.

Max- “Hey kiddo, it’s summer vacation, what are you working on?”

Maz- “I bartered with the children in the grade above me for their assignments. I’m getting a headstart on next year’s homework.”

Maz- “Wouldn’t you rather go outside or play with your friends?”

Maz- frowning- “Father, friends consume time that could be better applied to study.”

Max frowns, and an idea suddenly strikes him. – “I’ll bet I can teach you something.” He smiles at his cleverness. “A physics lesson!”

Maz- “Is this some plot to engage me in ‘fun’?”

Max- “Well, yes, but you might also learn something.”

Maz- “Very well, father.”

Cut to Max giving pointers on skateboarding and Maz speaking to it’s dangers with percentages. Max skates off screen and we hear the classic Goofy Scream.

The next scene is Goofy running through a hospital and to a room. Max is in a full body cast and Maz is thanking him for the very important lesson.

Maz hugs her grandfather and gives a clever explanation when Goofy asks what happened.

Maz- “Father taught me what happens when a small mass at high velocity collides with a much larger mass that is stationary.”

Goofy raises an eyebrow at Max who gestures at the broken skateboard and says, “I crashed.”

Max asks Maz to get him something from the vending machine as a ploy to get Goofy alone.

Max- “Dad, I need you to watch Maz. She’s too young to go without someone and I’m not moving anywhere for 4 to 6 weeks.”

Goofy- “Max, I dunno, son. I’ve always been a little…”

Max smiles- “Goofy?”

Goofy returns the smile- “Well, yah. And Maz is just a little…”

Max- “No, she’s way too serious. That’s why you have to take her. She needs to learn that it’s ok to have fun. That it’s ok to be Goofy!”

Goofy- “Well, I don’t know what little girls like to do…”

Max- pulls out a slip of paper, aged, folded- “I already figured that out.”

Goofy unfolds the paper and the biggest, Goofy-est grin spreads across his face and a tear comes to one of his eyes.

Goofy straightens and pushes the paper back toward Max who refuses it- “Really? This is really something that she should do with her father.”

Max nods- “Really. I would love to take her, but she won’t learn what she really needs to learn with me. Besides,” he shrugs as much as his body cast will let him, “I’m not going anywhere for a while.”

Goofy- “But what about you, son? I can’t leave you here all alone.”

Right then the nurse walks in and Max’s eyes light up. She’s “Disney-attractive.”

Max- “I’ll be alright.”

Goofy catches on and let’s out a “hyuck.”

The camera zooms in on the paper, it’s a map, and a corner of it is circled.

It reads, Lake Destiny.

On the one hand, this seems very “The Force Awakens is really A New Hope in disguise,” but while we would be revisiting much of the first movie the idea and spirit behind this are entirely different.

In the original, Goofy was trying to connect with his son who, seemingly, hated him. In this, Maz knows and loves her grandfather, she just doesn’t understand how to just enjoy life. Goofy will struggle with that and getting her to relax and enjoy herself while also struggling with his fears of not being the “Max” type of parental figure. The goal of the movie is for him to realize he needs to be his own type of Grandpa while Maz needs to learn what it means to be a Goof.

All with tons of cameos, musical numbers, and easter eggs from the first movie.