FanFic Friday – Arrow: Green Lantern Part 3

John was resting on the floor of his new house, just outside of Metropolis, with Lyla spooning against him. There were boxes scattered around the room with the nearest one acting as a table for two glasses of wine and a half-eaten box of pizza.

“The kids fell asleep harder than I expected them to,” he commented.

Lyla nodded. “When you said they could decorate their new rooms however they wanted it was game over. I’ve never seen them work that hard before.”

John wrapped his arm around Lyla, but before he could tuck his hand under her, she looked again at the ring that seemed to be permanently affixed to his finger.

“J’onn said it was a weapon?” she asked.

John smirked. “A weapon, but a lot like a crowbar can be a weapon when you need it to be. That last two nights it seems to be talking to me in my sleep and teaching me more about it.”

Lyla was suddenly concerned. “It’s reading your thoughts?”

John shook his head, “Not really. It seems to only want to teach me about itself. I think that for the ring to work, we have to be partners who are entirely in sync. The more I learn about it, the better it works for me.” He could see that his words weren’t making much sense to his wife, so he decided to show her instead. “Watch.”

He let Lyla sit up so that he could reposition himself before stretching his arm forward. A beam of green light came out of his ring and created an orb around a slice of pizza. The tension that had been building up in his brow released as his confidence grew and the slice lifted into the air before gliding into Lyla’s hand.

She took a bite as John relaxed and smiled. “We are totally going to get fatter with that thing.”

A movement at the front door caught their attention as J’onn J’onzz passed through it with his Martian abilities. He was wearing his Martian Manhunter suit but was still in his human guise.

“I apologize for the interruption, but you are in danger.”

Years of conditioning as both a soldier and member of Team Arrow had his hand out and aiming a green and glowing construct of a pistol at the Martian. Lyla had a similar reaction and was holding an actual pistol on the hero. They both lowered their weapons, and John’s disappeared back into the ring as he did.

“Danger? From what?” Lyla asked.

“Something is coming for you, John,” he explained. “Something you aren’t ready for yet.”

Diggle smirked and brought the gun construct back into existence. “I don’t know, I’ve been practicing.”

“While that is impressive,” J’onn explained, “this thing that is coming for you went toe to toe with Supergirl. Running today will protect your family and help you in your fight tomorrow.”

Lyla climbed to her feet as her husband followed. “J’onn, what is this thing?”

“It calls itself a Manhunter.”

“Like you?” Diggle asked.

“No,” Lyla answered as her mind began recalling information from her time as the Harbinger. “The Manhunters were the sworn enemies of the Green Lanterns.”

John raised an eyebrow. “You know that, but you don’t know what my ring is capable of?”

“My knowledge as Harbinger was only given to me on a need to know basis. Knowing your enemy was more important to the Monitor than knowing your allies. The Monitor didn’t want me running into Manhunters, whereas the Green Lanterns would have been on my side.”

“Great,” John exclaimed. “Then we know more about them then they know about us.”

Lyla shook her head. “I’ve told you everything I know already. They hunt the Green Lanterns and I was to avoid them.” She looked John in the eyes. “John, I had access to multiversal power and the Monitor told me to avoid them.”

Diggle turned to his Martian friend. “J’onn, are Lyla and the kids safe here?

“No, John,” Lyla argued, knowing where her husband was going with this. “We’re coming with you.”

“Lyla,” J’onn spoke up, “the Manhunter is tracking the amplified power of John’s will. If he leaves, you and your children will remain entirely safe.”

“This thing fought Supergirl, Lyla,” John hugged and kissed her. “This is strategy 101. I can’t fight this thing if I’m worried about protecting you.”
Suddenly the ring spoke up, in Lyla’s voice, “Power at 10%.”

“Wait,” John’s frustration was obvious. “This thing needs to be charged? How do I do that?”

A beam of energy leapt from the ring and a portal of light opened in the wall. Floating from it was a large green lantern, similar to those he had taken camping with his stepfather years ago.

Lyla’s voice continued from the ring, “Place your ring against the lantern and you will know what to say.”

“I’ve heard about this, but never seen it,” J’onn J’onzz looked almost giddy with excitement. “I have dreamed of this since I was a child.”

Diggle placed his fist against the lantern as it floated in front of him and the ring was right, he did know the words.”

“In Brightest Day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. May those who worship evil’s might, beware my power: Green Lantern’s Light.”

The ring flashed and the lantern receded back into the portal. The portal disappeared.

“You can call upon the pocket dimension to access your power battery at any time,” the ring explained. “Ring Power is now 100%.”

“Woah,” Lyla said and John noticed that she was looking him up and down. That was when he realized that the ring had dressed him in his newest uniform.

“Cool, huh?”

“From vigilante to complete superhero,” she smiled. “Oliver would be proud.”

He nodded to his wife and gave her another kiss before sneaking into their kid’s rooms and kissing them as well. Once the pleasantries were gone, he and the Martian made their way out of the house.

With a smirk on his face, John leapt into the air and flew into the night sky over Metropolis.

FanFic Friday: Arrow- Green Lantern Part 2

“Alex, I’m at the crash site and I’m not picking up anything special in any of the spectrums that I can see in.” She put her hands on her hips and let out a sigh that lifted her bangs.

Alex’s voice came over the comm in Supergirl’s ear. “If we’re lucky it’s just another random meteor, but I don’t think National City has ever had a meteor land near it that wasn’t something ominous.”

“That’s the understatement of the year,” Kara laughed. “I’ll move in for a closer look.”

The crater itself was mostly empty except for a large red puddle that Kara suddenly found herself hoping wasn’t someone that the meteor had landed on. She dismissed that thought when she saw the small lines of silver crisscrossing the puddle. Without anything coming through on her vision checks, Kara tried her other senses. Her ears soon picked up a news broadcast that seemed to get amplifed by the proximity to the crash site. The sound of a weather anchor that Kara knew well enough professionally to recognize by his voice came to her attention. No sooner did she recognize his voice than the puddle began to shift.

Almost faster than she could see, the puddle took the form of the weatherman.

“I have an ominous feeling that you’re not really Weatherman Phil of National City News.”

An odd staff of alternating red and silver formed between his hands.

“I seek the Green Lantern of Sector 2841. No man escapes the Manhunters.”

Kara suddenly remembers something from her childhood. She’s heard of the Green Lanterns but hadn’t heard anything about them since before she left Krypton.

“There are no Green Lanterns on Earth that I know of.” She waved, “Sorry to waste your time. I guess you can go now.”

“You cannot hide him from me.” He twisted and aimed the tip of the staff in her direction. “No man escapes the Manhunters.”

“I heard you the first time,” she put her hands in front of her hoping to still any of his aggression. “We don’t need to fight. I can probably help you.”

A beam of red and black fired from the staff’s tip and would have struck Kara if she hadn’t moved aside at the last second. Continuing her movement, she sped at the thing calling itself a Manhunter and slammed him back into the crater.

He was up as quickly as he went down, spinning the staff and hitting Supergirl in the waist. She was tossed into the air where she caught herself and hovered above him.

“You cannot stop me. No man can escape the Manhunters.”

With hits like those, she figured he could take a concentrated blast of her heat vision. He managed to catch it on his staff, but it was only the distraction. As Kara continued to fire with her eyes, she also flew at the Manhunter at incredible speed, driving both of her fists into his chin and toward the ground.

The Manhunter created a new crater and didn’t rise nearly as quickly as he had the first time.

“I’m not a man and I’m not looking to escape. You’re coming with me.”

She reached down to grab him by his collar but his body went liquid again and he flowed over her and behind her, bringing his staff up to choke Supergirl while driving his foot into the back of her knee. She fell to the ground gasping as she fought for breath. It was rare for her to meet someone who was strong enough to choke her.

She spun as quickly as she could. A brief cyclone was kicked up in the dirt and the Manhunter was thrown away. Kara didn’t slow her assault, rushing at him and trading blows with superhuman speeds. For every blow she managed to land, so did the Manhunter. Unfortunately, the Manhunter didn’t seem to be tiring or slowing, whereas she worried that she would. Whatever he was, it wasn’t organic. He was some sort of machine.

When one blow managed to put some space between them, Kara noticed his eyes flash green before his body went rigid.

“Target located.” He launched into the air and began flying east at supersonic speeds.

“Oh no you don’t,” Kara shot into the air after him.

She lost him outside of the Great Plains.

“Alex,” she spoke into her comms. “We need to find out who this planet’s Green Lantern is ASAP.”

“What’s a Green Lantern?” Alex asked.

“I’m not sure, but they’re in for a rude visitor.”

FanFic Friday: Arrow – Green Lantern

CW Introduction:
“My name is John Diggle. For 8 years, I protected Star City with the Green Arrow. When he died, I thought my time as a hero was over, but a meteorite carrying a powerful weapon had other ideas. I am no longer Star City’s Spartan. Now I defend my family, my planet, and my sector with a new name. I am the Green Lantern.”

John’s face was bathed in an emerald light as he looked down at the thing inside the case. It was round and flat on top and the case held it by the bottom. The top had an image carved into it that John was ashamed to admit reminded him of a Tie Fighter from Star Wars.
Sending out a quick prayer that the object wasn’t radioactive, John reached for it.
A bright pulse of green light burst from the thing before it floated out of the case and hovered in front of him.
“John Diggle,” a voice was being emitted from the object that, on closer inspection and out of it’s case, he could see that it looked like some sort of ring. “You have demonstrated outstanding bravery and incredible will-power.” A lance of the same green light coming from the ring seemed to solidify and leap toward John. It wrapped around his free hand and straightened his fingers. Gently, the ring floated forward and placed itself on his finger.
“Welcome to the Green Lantern Corp.”
“Corp?” John wasn’t unfamiliar with the term. “Did I just get conscripted?”

An hour later, John was sitting on the back of the van that his body had just dented. The doors were open and he wasn’t alone.
“Thanks for coming over so fast,” he said. “I would have called one of the other aliens I know, but just saying that still kind of blows my mind. Besides, they were kids when they stopped being aliens and according to my new memories, you’ve been around the block.”
J’onn J’onzz smiled and shook his head. “No thanks are required, I don’t think they would have been able to provide much assistance anyway.”
“So,” John pressed, “you know what it is?”
“I’ve heard of it but have never seen one.” He pointed at the ring still attached to John’s hand. “That ring is the weapon of the Green Lanterns.”
“That’s what it said,” John was excited that J’onn knew what it was. “It said that I was now part of the Green Lantern Corp. What is that? Some sort of military?”
J’onn shook his head. “Kind of. They are more like intergalactic police.” He frowned. “I haven’t heard of them in over a hundred years. There are stories that they would be the protective force in the universe, but something must have happened.”
“Why do you say that?”
J’onn shrugged. “My people, the Dominators, and Crisis all happened and we haven’t seen one. You would think that at least one of those conflicts would have been worth notice by the intergalactic police.”
John sighed. “You called this a weapon. What is it? And why did I get picked?”
“Well,” John stood up and put his hands in his pockets, “the stories say that a Green Lantern’s ring worked by harnessing the user’s will-power. Tehy could create solid constructs out of the light with just their minds. The stories spoke of a Martian Green Lantern who used his to create a full suit of battle armor and a full compliment of weapons.” He crossed his arms. “A tool like that could make you as powerful as Supergirl.”
“Then why did it come to me and not her?” John was struggling to understand why some space weapon would find any value in a random guy from Star City.
“John, of what I know about you, you’re a man of conviction and tactical awareness. You go into battle with your family on your mind and never back down. That when paired with your background with the Green Arrow and the military makes you a powerful force for justice and good.” He smiled. “I think the ring chose you because you’re the only choice it could have made.”
John smiled. “Thanks, J’onn, I appreciate that, I do, but I still don’t know what I am supposed to do with it.”
“Try it out,” J’onn replied.
“How do I do that?” John asked.
To his surprise, the Martian wasn’t the one who answered.
“My power source is will. Through focus and concentration, you can make me do anything.”
“Lyla?” John had heard his wife’s voice come from the ring.
“No,” Lyla’s voice replied. “I am the artificial intelligence housed inside of the ring. I chose a voice you trust and respect.”
“That’s just weird.”
“Said the man who just fought an alien god a week ago,” J’onn smirked.
“Ok,” John conceded. “Fair enough. So, I just will it? Like the Force or something?”
“This is not space magic,” the ring said. “This is space science.”
John remembered what J’onn had said about the powerful Martian Green Lantern. and closed his eyes.
“Well, I’ll be damned,” J’onn said quietly.
When Diggle opened his eyes, there was a green aura around him. Looking down he was wearing a glowing set of armor and could feel a mask over his face.
“Ring,” he said, “can you give tactical readouts based on what I’m looking at?”
“Yes,” was all the reply it gave.
His mask grew green lenses and suddenly everything that he looked directly at had a label.
He looked at J’onn J’onzz.
“Green Martian. J’onn J’onzz. 246 Earth years in age. Private Investigator. Former Head of the DEO.”
When he looked at his van it gave him the make and model and a list of all current and previous owners. When he looked at his house it did the same thing.
Reaching down, he grabbed the van’s back bumper and lifted it. The back of the van lifted off of the ground without any effort.
“I’m super strong?” John asked excitedly.
“No,” the ring replied. “You are human. The green light of will-power is encompassing your body and you are directing it to lift the car.”
“But,” John asked to clarify, “for all intents and purposes that’s the same as being super strong, right?”
He put the van back down and turned to J’onn, lowering his arms to his side. “Ok, punch me.”
“Punch you?” the Martian asked.
“Yeah,” John was grinning. “Hit me with your alien strength. Don’t go easy on me.”
“I don’t know, John. I don’t think we should start risking your death as the first test. The ring might not be able to handle it.”
“The ring,” Lyla’s voice spoke up, “most certainly can handle it, J’onn J’onzz.”
Diggle shrugged as if to say, “See?”
“Very well,” J’onn said. With speed that matched that of the Flash, J’onn swung at Diggle’s chin.
His head turned with the punch but stayed firmly attached to the rest of his body.
Smiling, Diggle said, “I didn’t even feel it. That is so cool.” He held up his hand in a fist. “Ring, what else can I do?”
“Would you care to fly?”
“Oh, hell yes.”

CW Shows Week 6 (Fall 2017)

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, or ARROW this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
Supergirl 3×06 “Midvale”
-Theme this week is “Sisters.”
In an episode that can only be properly be described as Smallville 2.0, we got a great reminder of what makes Supergirl one of the best CW Shows: Alex and Kara’s relationship. The episode has a short intro with Kara and Alex going back to Midvale to spend a weekend trying to get over being bitchy. During that time, we get an episode worth of flashback where Kara learns what it’s like to be a human as well as a hero and Alex learns to accept freakin’ weirdos and aliens. It was a great episode who’s only flaw was making me wish for a series called “Midvale.”
Thoughts as I watch: (These are written down live as I watch the show)
  • Hey, they borrowed J’onn’s car! Love that car.
  • DEO death package pays really well. That is a nice house.
  • Alex is vulnerable. We know this because they take a moment to examine her after the shower. Showering people are vulnerable people.
  • Eliza should worry more about Kara than Alex. Kara is an emotional wreck.
  • Kara, you totally hashed this out in the first and then the second episode. Get over it. That being said, props to Eliza for rocking the the mom powers.
  • “You can make it Irish.” Kara’s the sister I never had.
  • Damn straight Alex! Tell her off! Kara’s being stupid!
  • Most sisterly fight they’ve ever had.
  • Little Alex and Kara are perfectly cast.
  • Really makes you think the Kents had it easy with having no other children and with Kal-el being a baby.
  • Really, I just feel bad for Eliza.
  • Haha, Kara is a Superman fangirl.
  • Oh hey, it’s the Midvale chapter of the Mean Girls.
  • Same school colors as Smallville.
  • Astronomy Fun! She’s going to cry over Krypton. I’m calling it.
  • Nope, no tears. She almost kissed a human, though. Seems dangerous. Passing alien plagues and such.
  • Shit! When he said “You’d be surprised what it sees,” I suddenly remembered the Tom Welling from Smallville using his telescope like a peeping tom.
  • Alex is not cool.
  • Oh No! They Killed Kenny!
  • Tough girl Kara, getting up in the jock’s face.
  • I like this cop. Must be the badguy.
  • Heat-visioning Alex might not make her like you more.
  • Clark has a friend named Chloe!!! WITH A WALL OF WEIRD! There’s a Chloe on Earth 38! I’m so happy! So Happy!
  • Shit! The Teacher is a pedophile…
  • I’d watch a Midvale series. Seriously.
  • “Crikey, watch as the sisterly bond develops between the adolescent human and her adopted alien sister. This is where it could all go wrong, or all go right! Keep back now, we don’t want to anger the females.”
  • Erica Durance is really J’onn. No one could look like her mother to that degree. J’onn’s an ass.
  • Kara needs family. Why hasn’t she called Clark.
  • Way to reverse psycho out your sister, Alex.
  • Sheriff is the Killer. That sucks. I liked him.
  • Email from CHLOE!!!!!
  • I’ll bet Alex lives…
  • Wait, random thought. If Chloe is here, does this mean that there is also a version of Oliver on this Earth that likes near-neon colors of green?
  • “Screw it,” Good call, Kara!
  • Badass Alex is always badass. It’s somehow genetic. Btw, Badass entrance for Kara.
  • Kenny Lee was cool with Secrets. He could have been Kara’s Chloe.
  • Lesson for the adults: “I’d rather be human than risk losing you.”
  • Now Kara can be a peeping tom just like her cousin.
  • Took her 10 years to set up that telescope. That’s what happens when you give a telescope to someone with telescopic vision.
  • Awwww, “I feel at home with you.”
  • “That possum came from nowhere.” – Kara, showing that she cares more for possums than white martian lives.
The Flash 4×06 “When Harry Met Harry”
-When I heard that this episode was going to happen, it became the episode that I was dying to see almost as much as the big crossover event.
The Flash plot for this story is around training Ralph to be a superhero instead of a cop. About how it’s not always about catching the bad guy so much as protecting people. Ralph learns it the hard way when he does catch the bad guy, but a little girl got hurt. Ralph learns his lesson (while making a great point that The Flash should be fast enough to catch the bad guy and protect the civilians, but plot) and ends up befriending a little girl.
The other plot in this episode revolves around Harry putting together a think tank to locate the Thinker. This is a thinly veiled reason to examine the fact that Harry doesn’t know how to make friends. He tried making friends, and the Council of Wells was made. Using Multiverse Holographic Telephones, he gathered the council and they fight too much, so Cisco has to step up and teach Harry to not look for the annoying things but to look for the things that make them the same. That’s how friendship works, by recognizing similarities to bond over.
I’m pretty sure that’s what the second plot was about. I was too busy enjoying the Council of Wells. They were hilarious.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Same crook tries to rob Barry that did in Season 1.
  • “Stop shooting him!” -Barry, I’m kind of on Ralph’s side on this. That dumb crook sees that when he shoots Ralph he gets shot instead and then proceeds to shoot him again. Idiot.
  • “What’s the second job? Long-winded lectures before noon?” – Ralph
  • “One day, I’m going to throw a lightning bolt so far up – I’m taking him to the hospital.” Frustrated Barry is hilarious.
  • Damn, the Thinker is good. That was cool.
  • Cisco has ran out of damn’s to give.
  • Harry has friends? Haha.
  • “Pretty sure I relived my own birth.” – Cisco
  • The Therapist comes back!
  • Woah! Meta moves statues! Night at the Museum, anyone?
  • “Remember the days when we wouldn’t calmly consider a stone statue a prime suspect?” – Barry
  • Council of Wells!!!! Harrison Wolfgang Wells, H. Lathario Wells, Wells 2.0, and Wells the Gray!
  • Of course Cisco names them…
  • Wells 2.0 ate his Cisco… That’s pretty fucked up.
  • Dark Matter is the new meteor freak from Smallville. Not complaining, just noticing.
  • Puppy’s raincoat!
  • I kind of agree with Black Bison. Choke the asshole!
  • Barry Savatar’d the suit of armor.
  • “I can see your frank and beans.” – followed by – “Baby violence solves nothing.” – Council of Wells
  • “It’s like your junk has been burned into my brain.” – “You’re welcome.”
  • Ralph dropped the ball.
  • No HIPPA Laws on Earth 1. Barry and Ralph can hear a full medical diagnosis for a kid they have no reason to know anything about.
  • “I hate them, I hate them all.” – “I’d like to gouge out the other eye.” – Harry on the Council of Wells.
  • “Sometimes, you’re a Wizard, Harry.” – Cisco with the Harry Potter reference.
  • Seriously, I love the Council of Wells.
  • Touching Ralph and Barry moment.
  • Black Bison is quick with her hands.
  • Onions Everywhere! (I don’t remember why I wrote this note, so if anyone doesn’t mind reminding me. I’d appreciate it. Maybe I’ll rewatch the episode this afternoon.)
  • Dinosaur time! Getting Harry Dresden vibes…
  • Good Job Barry!
  • Good guy Ralph mailed the necklace back to the Sioux Reservation.
  • Hospitals let stretchy pervs into people’s rooms. Seriously, why would they let him in there?
  • Council of Wells succeeded!
  • Woah! The Thinker changed his outfit pretty quickly.
Legends of Tomorrow 3×06 “Helen Hunt”
-Helen of Troy is an anachronism. She ends up in 1937 at the WB and starts a corporate war over her beauty. While the Legends try to fix that issue, they also have the issue of Stein and Jax switching minds and Damien Darhk trying to use Helen to destroy time.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • 1937 at the WB, great start CW…owned by WB…
  • Holy Canoli!
  • Love the old timey Legends Logo!
  • Nanites courtesy of Ray Palmer!
  • Ha! They’ve been freaky Friday’d.
  • Great actors. Well done on the switch.
  • Hollywood Trojan War
  • “Don’t knock the Academy, Gray.”
  • Helen’s a perfect victim. Like of all time. And why do WB Execs carry guns?
  • Gray has it bad for Hedy Lamar. Of course he does.
  • I like Nate’s hat. Of course I do.
  • Mick doesn’t even try to dress up. Love it.
  • “I’d do her.” – Mick.
  • Why doesn’t Helen ask why nothing makes sense or why she’s even there?
  • Oh, they answered that.
  • Darhk is her agent and now a series regular? Love him as a villain, so I like this decision.
  • By the way, when the Crossover happens are they going to address the whole Oliver not knowing that Darhk is alive? I feel like he wouldn’t be too happy about this.
  • I’m liking the advance of the Totem plot.
  • She’s totally Amaya’s descendant.
  • Mick is crazy smart.
  • Ooooh! Ray knows her! She has to be Amaya’s descendant. He knew the water totem lady from the cartoon. They are bringing more cartoon info into it. Love it.
  • Nasty in the pasty. haha.
  • Is Helen blind? They ARE killing each other in your name.
  • I hope Helen falls for Sara. That’d solve everything.
  • Why can’t they take the mini-time-ship thing?
  • “Better not be calling in your hall pass, Gray!”
  • Sometimes, you have to be crazy if you want to burn bright. – That’s a good quote.
  • How does Darhk use magic now? In Arrow, he had that head thing that provided magic based on how many people you killed. He doesn’t have that now.
  • Pee Break!
  • Fight Time!
  • Hedy believed the nuclear man thing very easily.
  • Sara is so kickass. Seriously. Great fighting.
  • Oh right. Hedy is smart.
  • Eleanore is Darhk’s daughter!!
  • Kickass Gray!
  • “Please tell me Firestein’s a thing!” – Nate
  • Gray gets hit on by Hedy. That’s fun.
  • Thymescara is part of the Arrowverse! That also means that Zari knows about it from 2042. So, Wonder Woman must come about before then.
Arrow 6×06 “Promises Kept”
-This continues last week’s episode with Slade joining his son in the Jackals. Slade is torn between helping his son and being the better person and stopping his son’s terrorist actions. Oliver helps him figure it out.
Team Diggle, I mean, Team Arrow meets the Dragon who also happens to be Diggle’s dealer. So he has to struggle with taking out the drug dealer and not getting any more drugs, or coming clean literally and figuratively with the team. He makes the right choice and we see Lyla and Connor for the first time in a while.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Deathstroke with nothing left to lose. Yikes.
  • Flashbacks! Touching flashback with flashbacks in it. Meta flashbacks!
  • Diggle’s drugs are wearing off.
  • Enter the Dragon!
  • Lyla! Haven’t seen her in a while. Maybe now would be a good time to ask her about getting the FBI off of your … oh, nevermind. You’re just gonna bang her.
  • Shit! No more drugs.
  • Reassignment of Resources? Vaguebook much?
  • I don’t like this Nylander guy who keeps teasing Deathstroke.
  • One Year Back From The Dead is totally a thing in the Arrowverse. Sara Lance celebrates Deathaversaries. So does Thea.
  • Somebody wishes Oliver was really his kid…
  • Mirakuru flashbacks?
  • Dragon supplies Arrow with Drugs. Introducing Ricardo Diaz.
  • Deathstroke doesn’t want to kill anyone.
  • Stress-eating time! Wild Dog is my kinda teammate.
  • Diggle knows Ricardo!
  • Honest up, Diggle, please.
  • Oliver got caught by Nylander? Right. I’ll believe that the same day I believe that Mick isn’t the best thing about Legends of Tomorrow.
  • Ghost Shadow is a bitch. Anybody weirding out seeing Slade makeout with the air? I guess they wouldn’t say anything. He might get stabby.
  • Diggle is telling Lyla! First right thing he’s done all season.
  • Blade by the eye. Not cool.
  • Oh, Joe. Don’t threaten Oliver’s son. That’s the dumbest thing you could do.
  • Yes. That was a “little too convincing.”
  • Poor Slade. Gonna have to kill his son.
  • Oliver is great this season. He’s turned into a legit good person.
  • Ricardo Diaz doesn’t show up on traffic cams, but they have surveillance of him so he’s not that good.
  • Ricardo fights with his men. That’s a good bad guy boss to work for.
  • Your days as the Arrow are done now, Diggle.
  • Nylander is totally the fall guy. Cane/Joe knows that the guy who pulls the trigger is going to die.
  • Oliver is killing again. If you recall, he kills because he “likes it.”
  • I said last week that Joe totally saw Slade kill the spy on the camping trip.
  • Brother Drop! Grant? Is the Flash his brother? Oh, no, he killed him.
  • Both of them? How is Slade going to find both of them. Grant’s dead.
  • Neat mist vanish scene.
  • Aww, Diggle’s doing the right thing!
  • Ice cream for dinner. Felicity gained cool points.
  • Damn straight you’d better apologize to Wild Dog!
  • Curtis is so right! Literally used science to make a woman walk again, he can fix your nerve damage. Seriously.
  • Haha, “Kiss ass.”
  • Of course Dinah is keeping the secrets now.

CW Shows Week 5 (Fall 2017)

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, or ARROW this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
Supergirl 3×05 “Damage”
-Supergirl has become a theme show. I’m not complaining, but it’s fairly obvious. A few weeks ago it was Dads, then it was Religion, now this week’s theme is Kids.
Last season, Lena Luthor used a device that her brother, Lex made, to save the world from the invasion of the Daxomites. The device is capable of seeding the atmosphere of the entire planet with whatever mineral they choose at low enough levels that it won’t effect humans. The purpose of which, originally, was to seed the atmosphere with Kryptonite, eliminating Superman without hurting the rest of humanity. Lena used the device to seed the atmosphere with harmless levels of lead, the Daxomite weakness.
Unfortunately, a bunch of kids are getting sick with lead poisoning. Mysteriously, the first person to take notice is Morgan Edge. Kara and Samantha investigate and discover that Morgan Edge has been poisoning a few kids who went to a specific pool. The uncover the plot, but can’t tie anything to him because he’s a slimy snake.
In the secondary plot, Maggie and Alex break up because Alex wants to be a mom and Maggie doesn’t. They have some great conversations about how this doesn’t change how they feel, but, in very adult fashion, they know that their paths aren’t going the same way and decide to split up.
The perfection of this entire episode was that right when Alex needed her sister, Kara was there. She takes time off at the end of the episode and tells Alex that it’s road-trip time. Kara’s a great sister.
Thoughts as I watch: (These are written down live as I watch the show)
  • Lead Poisoning kids. Way to make an old school problem hip and with it again. Stay away from paint chips kids.
  • Thank you CW for saving us that 8 day debate between Alex and Maggie.
  • Geeze Louise, Morgan! That Cobra Effect thing is pretty damned messed up.
  • Rich Gal can see private medical records by making a phone call. HIPPA doesn’t exist yet on Earth-38…
  • CatCo needs a security check in booth. How do these people get in so easily? What is this? Star Labs?
  • Is this lead poisoning only in National City? Lex’s device was supposed to seed the entire atmosphere. The first red flag should totally be the only victims are in National City.
  • Shootout at the public address and Kara catches only 1 bullet. Tom Welling and Barry would have caught them all. Just sayin’.
  • That 10.2% of people should have been of the entire world, not just National City.
  • Moving out Montage!!
  • Holy crap Lena. That wine glass is so huge you should forgo it and just chug from the bottle.
  • Lena says “Lex never poisoned children,” but let’s be fair: He would have if he thought he could blame it on Superman.
  • This episode is very Erin Brokovich.
  • Death by Dumpling!
  • Crazy Goodbye Sex!
  • Adoption Stories! Kara should be suspect of anyone her age who was adopted around the same time…
  • Winn makes cool shit. I definitely need him and Cisco working on something together.
  • Lena totally knows Acre Lee Chemical. She’s a horrible liar. And Kara, the investigative journalist who can literally hear heartbeats,has no idea.
  • “Where the coyote goes to get all the stuff to kill the roadrunner from, right?” Smooth, Morgan. Real smooth.
  • Lena’s a killer! “I’m thinking like a Luthor.” She would have shot him. Without a doubt.
  • Shit! They are going to crash Lena in a plane just like Lex a la Smallville!
  • Doublt Shit. Edge is a cold asshole.
  • She could have heat visioned those engines quicker.
  • Where the fuck is J’onn? Supergirl wouldn’t need to choose between saving Lena and saving hundreds of people if J’onn just showed up and caught the other half of the plane.
  • Although that scene with Kara holding the plane halves was really cool.
  • Damn Morgan. Just damn. You’re colder than Caitlyn.
  • Why does he keep threatening a person who can catch planes? I get that he knows she won’t kill him, but she could just annoy the hell out of him with all sorts of things that nobody could ever trace back to her. Pop his tires every day, leave him on top of more containers, make sure that everything he eats is either too cold or too hot. I mean…anything.
  • Although, his threats are pretty cold. This fucker and Cayden James would be unstoppable.
  • Lena and Jimmy are so gonna hook up…
  • Emotional goodbye: Damn right she’ll be a great mom!
  • Yes, Lena, it is too much…
  • Danvers sisters moment! Family Road Trip!
The Flash 4×05 “Girls Night Out”
-Bachelor and Bachelorette party time!
This episode was great and a lot of fun. The boys go full bachelor party with Harry and drunk Barry being the greatest things in this entire episode. Ralph decides to take their “sit and watch movies” bachelor party and turn it into a traditional party with strip clubs and drinking. Cisco gives Barry an elixir so toxic that his super fast metabolism won’t be able to clean it out for hours, so we get a very drunk Barry who really loves chicken wings. There’s a drop in the drunk tank and a weird moment with Joe’s pseudo-step-daughter being a stripper. Also a great drunk fight with Joe getting tackled.
Bachelorette party goes a different direction with the introduction of Amunet Black, a gal with a fun accent who can manipulate specific type of metal. She has a problem with Frost and this interrupts their party festivities. There’s a lot of back and forth as Caitlyn and Frost try to come to terms with each other and as the lady half of Team Flash use #feminism to try and stop Amunet from selling a meta who cries love drugs. They call him the Weeper.
The boys get out of the drunk tank, and the girls save the day.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Totally forgot to take notes this episode, but that’s ok because the whole episode was noteworthy. Everything about this episode had me laughing, although I feel they overused the #feminism thing to the point where it didn’t feel like it was empowering so much as it was just a mantra that lost it’s effect by halfway through the episode.
  • Also: Drunk Barry is 100% right. Chicken wings deserve love and Jack could have lived.
Legends of Tomorrow 3×05 “Return of the Mack”
-A lot of plot happened in this story, but really this entire episode was just a reminder of how awesome Mick is. That being said, I’ll try to sum up the rest.
Rip is working without the Time Bureau’s knowledge in his hunt for the mysterious Mallus. They are in 1880’s I think and supposedly there’s a vampire. For this reason alone, Mick is awesome. Anyway, turns out that Mallus is supposedly going to resurrect a major domo in the hierarchy of magic, but who knows who it is. Turns out that it isn’t vampires, just a dude who likes using a double-pronged needle to drain people to help power the magic that will resurrect…you guessed it, Damien Darhk! Someone brought his body back to this time and he’s about to be resurrected meaner than ever.
During all of this, Rip kinda betrays literally everyone in his headlong pursuit of Mallus. Sara doesn’t react well and turns Rip into the Time Bureau.
Oh, and John Noble voice Mallus, which was fun.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Rip discovers a vampire in full Sherlockian style.
  • Nate pages people like my boss pages people. Which is funny.
  • “My whole life.” Mick. Episode’s over. Go home folks.
  • Nevermind, HAHA, Mick stabbed the corpse. Now the episode’s over.
  • “Because the corpse you buried was a vampire from the future, you idiot.” Mick
  • This whole thing is going to be Mick quotes.
  • Rip comes crawling back like a whiney baby.
  • Awww, their totems kissed.
  • Emperor Mollusk?
  • “I’m no one’s side piece.” Mick again.
  • “Is it because I’m handsome?”- Nate, “Pretty.”- Mick
  • Oh shit! DoppelStein!
  • Stein has an asshole actor ancestor.
  • Mick again, “Anyone doesn’t have a reflection gets a stake.”
  • “It’s that stache that’s astonishing.”
  • Oh, hey! It’s the mother of Lucifer’s baby and Brandon Routh’s wife.
  • I have no idea what Nate is singing.
  • DAAAAAAMN! Sara can fight!
  • Lucifer’s mom is a damned kooky woman… and mean too.
  • “Instead of a sexy vampire, I get stuck with this weirdo!” – Nate
  • Hey! CURTIS Cameo!
  • WTF? Damien? Really?
  • Damn Straight Sara’s the captain!
  • Still bitter that she’s been resurrected, though.
  • Knew Rip was going to screw it all up.
  • “Told you we shouldn’t have trusted the Englishman.” – Mick Honestly, everyone should just listen to Mick. They’d have a lot less stress.
  • It’s all on Zari, now.
  • Gave up her totem like a damned idiot. She must be a Legend.
  • Woah! Time Bust!
  • Eleanore is totally Mallus, just guessing.
  • John Noble! Eleanore isn’t Mallus?
  • “Who stole my watch?” Good entrance Darhk. I also like that he remembers everything that was wiped, too.
  • Fricken Toy Story 3!
  • Damien Kill Montage! And really good too!
  • Rip just became a Pseudo-Speedster. I want that toy!
  • Cool trick with the totem. Accio Totem!
  • Holy crap, Rip. You seriously messed up and got a lot of Time Agents dead.
  • Grape fruit is gross.
  • Sara is the voice of reason. That’s when you know you’ve fucked up, Rip.
  • Sara made the right call.
  • My actual prediction: Future Rip is Mallus.
Arrow 6×05 “Deathstroke Returns”
-Oliver is tasked with helping Slade find his estranged son. Team Arrow are under major heat from the FBI. We see the return of Vigilante, who’s trying to kill the lady who’s trying to get the Anti-Vigilante bill passed. Team Arrow keeps trying to help, but the FBI keeps getting in the way. Dinah discovers that Vigilante is Dinah’s old partner and boyfriend. Turns out that the dark matter explosion turned him into a meta that can heal.
As for the whole Slade and Oliver thing, they track him to Kasnia, and they are very Communist, with the whole sickle and hammer. They try to lie to Oliver and Slade about the kid dying in prison, but it turns out a group called the Jackals broke him out of jail.
One great Deathstroke fight later and we learn that Slade’s kid is actually running the Jackals.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • What are the odds that Dinah would see that sniper?
  • Slade!
  • Cane? Kaen? Caen?
  • Slade needs diplomacy. This sounds like its going to be an interesting episode.
  • Bringing back the flashbacks!
  • I want some freakin t-spheres.
  • FBI asking why Diggle is there when I’m also asking it. Props FBI gal.
  • Get your wife to call this FBI lady off your backs already, Diggle.
  • If Oliver doesn’t go, it’ll be a very slow episode.
  • Is Vigilante a Meta? That was a surprise.
  • “It’s You!” … guy I’ve never seen before. Probably her old partner.
  • Vincent Sable, old partner. Called it.
  • Dark Matter flashback, he’s totally a meta.
  • Slade’s not the Terminator, Arnold is.
  • “I’m not so nice a guy,” The build up.
  • I liked’s Felicity’s joke about her glasses.
  • That was a short and useless interview. Literally just asked her if she was dating Oliver and then let her leave.
  • Why do I feel like Slade has something up his sleeve?
  • That’s a very old tv in their Kasnian hotel.
  • Ferris Air name drop. Green Lantern is on the way?
  • Sickle and Hammer. Going old school Commies.
  • Slade’s kid isn’t dead. Oldest trick in the book.
  • Do you think he has to drain the eye patch when he cries?
  • Rugby, haha. Must be Australian…
  • John says what I’m thinking, too. Psychic show. Why isn’t she happy to see her dead partner?
  • Slade’s angry. You won’t like him when he’s angry.
  • The Wolfman (Cane Wolfman) was taken by Jackals.
  • FBI is using the Council woman as bait. Geeze. That’s kind of intense.
  • Suit up, Deathstroke.
  • Just let Oliver help you, dumdumb. He’s bored. Oh wait, you drugged him.
  • I’ve been camping. A lot. People don’t just keep walking by your camp when you’re deep in the woods.
  • Your kid totally saw you kill that guy, Slade.
  • Watson doesn’t need to see Diggle. You had all the cops double checking ID’s. They know he was there.
  • How is she corrupt?
  • He’s not dead. Told you he was Meta.
  • Team Arrow will not be happy that she let Vigilante go.
  • We gonna get some Deathstroke fights or what?
  • There we go!!!
  • His son is the boss. I’m calling it.
  • Matchbox!
  • Don’t have a gun? Oliver will take a gun.
  • Told you his sone was the boss.
  • That’s how it ends? WTF? Didn’t know this was a two-parter.

CW Shows Week 4 (Fall 2017)

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, or ARROW this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
Supergirl 3×04 “The Faithful”
-The theme this week is Religion. I feel like instead of the “Freak of the Week” thing CW usually does, they’ve decided to do the Deep Topic of the Week instead. Whatever, I like it. It’s fresh.
The hot topic here is how religion can be both a bastion for those needing hope and how it can also be twisted to represent the wrong ideas. The idea is not that religion is bad, but that it has it’s place and people shouldn’t look to justify doing bad things. They should find solace in it’s arms as the promise that things can get better. That they will get better.
Anyway, a guy that Kara saved starts a religion worshiping her as a god. He is also worshiping Rao, the Kryptonian god. He’s convincing people to put themselves in danger so that Supergirl can save them in some sick baptism thing. Really sick shit. Kara isn’t cool with it and tells him. He decides to blow up a hockey game with a Kryptonian pod, but there’s Kryptonite in it, giving Kara the perfect chance to show him that she can bleed and is totally mortal. Alex and Supergirl save the day, barely.
The episode ends with Alex realizing that she can’t deny herself what she really wants (Kids), Kara rediscovering her faith, and Samantha having creepy witch hallucinations and crazy Kryptonian markings all over her skin.
Also, the bomb/probe that blew up in the stadium totally awakened some sort of Kryptonian pod critter from centuries ago. This is my prediction: It’s Doomsday, or Lady Doomsday, or something big and evil and monstery that Samantha/Reign will use to try and kill Supergirl.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Did a goose hit the engines?
  • Creepy Perv watching a kid’s soccer game? Must be a cultist…
  • Literal Baptisms by fire.
  • Never accept Parenting advice from a Luthor. Seriously, how many times did Lex say “Take it from me, Clark. I wrote the book on dysfunctional families.”
  • Jimmy Olsen trying to help Kara by explaining how she’s really a religious symbol… So not helping, Jimmy.
  • Voyager Probe Mention! SCIENCE!
  • Am I the only one noticing that they are avoiding showing the Guardian? They mention him in passing but completely avoid using him all of the time.
  • How does the cult leader get that probe/bomb thing everywhere?
  • The old “Gods don’t bleed” trope. Slow clap for you.
  • The kryptonite effects on Kara are really well done. That’s a win.
  • That entire dropping the bomb in the hole thing…I don’t think it would really work like that, but what do I know?
  • Psycho jailbird giving Psychological advice…
  • Alex getting the feels right in her Ovaries!
  • They really fast-tracked the entire friendship with Samantha. Two days ago, nobody knew each other, now everyone is Ruby’s pseudo-aunt… Did anyone ask Ruby if this was ok?
  • CW is really milking the Erica Durance contract. “Quick, get as many scenes with her as you can before she gets tired of it and ditches on us!”
  • Holy Kryptonian Possession, Batman!
  • Weird Kryptonian Pods?
The Flash 4×04 “Elongated Journey Into Night”
-Barry gets a blast from the past in the form of a crooked cop that he helped get removed from the force. It turns out that this guy, Ralph Dibny, is a stretchy meta-human working as a private investigator. In short, Ralph believes in justice no matter the cost, and that’s what got him in trouble with Barry and the CCPD. It’s also what gets him in trouble with the Mayor.
The background plot to this episode is Cisco’s relationship with Gypsy and her father, played by Danny Trejo. He goes by the name of Breacher, and it turns out that he runs the Earth-19 force that protects Earth-19 from Multiverse Crooks. Breacher decides he is going to hunt Cisco (sans powers) for Cisco to prove his worth in Gypsy’s life.
Loved this episode for people calling Barry out on his bullshit. He doesn’t want to give Meta’s a chance, and Iris and Caitlyn shut him down. He calls himself out for incarcerating Meta’s without due process.
The episode ends with Breacher respecting, if not liking, Cisco, and the Elongated Man joining Team Flash to learn how to be a hero. We got the funny little hat-tip to Plastic Man as well, when they are trying to come up with a name for Dibny.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • The new introduction, as spoken by Barry, mentioned that Barry was “lost in time” not lost in the Speedforce. That lends itself toward all of those quotes he said from first season and possibly future episodes (ie: This house is bitchin’)
  • I’d vote for Mayor Joe West long before I voted for Mayor Oliver Queen. Just saying. Joe’s priorities have never been a question for me. And he can sing.
  • Everybody keeps saying Joe is glowing, and I get why, but let’s be completely honest: That’s not glowing, that’s brooding on par with Oliver. As a guy who recently received similar news from his significant other, I have a general idea of how “glowing” feels. Joe ain’t feeling it.
  • “This facility is poorly guarded.” That’s old news Breacher. But will anybody do anything about it? No, probably not.
  • Breacher: “You look like someone I sent my daughter to kill.”  Harry: “I get that a lot.” Love this exchange. Hilarious and unfortunately true.
  • He then quotes Princess Bride. Turns out that it’s the only constant on every Earth.
  • All the ladies loving on Oliver. Hilarious as well. All the Arrow haters out there can’t fight the huge ego-stroking he must get on set. (Arrow haters make no sense to me, just sayin’)
  • Dibny’s a perv. That’s cliche, but funny.
  • The Barry/Dibny backstory is great. It gives character development for both of them and that’s something I wasn’t sure we’d get much more of with Barry.
  • Why’d Iris grab the shoe?
  • “Four years of seeing this stuff, I finally puked.” HAHAHAHAHA!
  • I want to know more about these coffee-killing multiverse invaders.
  • “I don’t know where you go when you die.” Funny and well-acted. Just rolled out calmly. I loved it.
  • Vibrating through the floor was really cool. I like how Iris was describing it to Caitlyn later.
  • “12 of those were butt dials.” Dibny is my kind of funny.
  • Machete Easter Egg. No reason they’d have a machete in the lab, but they do.
  • Laughed out loud at “I look like a Hemsworth.” No, Dibny, you look like Jim Carrey.
  • Cisco with the Die Hard quote.
  • Joe is right. That super speed slowmo stuff never gets old. Ever. Great speed scene. Everyone online keeps comparing it to that scene in X-Men, but I see a huge bit of Smallville influence. This is exactly what Clark would have done and I’m sure did. I like the call back.
  • Plastoids? Plastic Guys broke coffee? Plasticene? Doctor Who? What?
  • “Everyone else gets struck by lightning and dies and you get super power?”
  • Cigar scene is great! Now, Joe is glowing.
  • The Devoe revelation was great. It’s about time they got a break in the Thinker case.
Legends of Tomorrow 3×04 “Phone Home”
-Young Ray Palmer makes friends with a Baby Dominator in the 80’s. Dominator Mommy not happy about it and the Government (Guy from the crossover) wants it. Gotta get the baby back to momma and stop the government or Ray ceases to exist.
Loved this episode for it’s huge 80’s vibe, and I also loved all of the Nate scenes. They are really stepping up his character. I also liked Mick’s helping Stein steal the ship. I’m part of the Mick fan club.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Young Ray is a crazy adventurer.
  • Woah! Is that the agent from the crossover? What happened to his hair?
  • Zari pegs them all except Sara. Good. I wouldn’t risk trying to give her a label.
  • That fucker actually shot a kid.
  • “Trust Ray to find the bright side of dying.” Correction: bright side of everything.
  • Amaya is dressed like Lisa from Saved by the Bell.
  • Nate and the Delorean. Nuff Said.
  • Calls the baby Dominator “Gumball.”
  • “Or worse. Fight together.”- Mick, haha.
  • I would like to comment on Mick’s always eating. I don’t know what comment to make, but consider it made.
  • I love how Nate and Ray find ways to bond over everything. Great friendship there.
  • Dominator pulls ET stuffed toy trick.
  • Ray and Barry (and Kara) love Singing in the Rain. Mick likes Fiddler on the Roof. He’s deeper than anyone knows.
  • “Is there a cougar on the premises?” HAHAHAHAHAHA. So much for Ray and Nate’s bonding. They were dressed/written as disguised as Animal Control for only this reason.
  • I want a toy version of the Atom, then I can tell everyone it’s my supersuit.
  • Mick is very good at being a detective. Surprising. I’m telling you, there’s more to him than burning things.
  • Gray isn’t a traitor, he’s calling his daughter. I don’t know why anyone would keep this a secret.
  • Laughing at Sara and the Reeses Pieces
  • I’m liking Zari a little more. She’s growing on me.
  • Ray’s mom is a naughty/lonely woman…I mean, oops, Dominator!
  • Turn into steel! Turn into steel! Why doesn’t he remember he can do that when he’s fighting the Dominator?
  • Kara and Barry need a video of this dance-off. Why isn’t anyone recording this?
  • I bet Baby-Stein (Ronnie) become the new half of Firestorm
  • Getting the feels over the Trick or Treat friends scene.
  • Jackson wanting to breakup Firestorm, more feels! Jackson’s the best.
Arrow 6×04 “Reversal”
-Cayden James is going to destroy the internet. We get some great Oliver scenes. The team saves the Internet, but it turns out that the Thinker…err… I mean Cayden James was actually wanting Felicity to stop him. Looks like we’ve got a new Legion of Doom on our hands. Mostly, this “Destroy the internet” thing caused me a lot of nerdy anguish, but I am looking past it to love how it set up some great scenes with Oliver and Felicity as well as Curtis and some great scenes with Black Siren.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Curtis was an original shipper. Olicity haters can burn in hell.
  • Lots of forensics, I wonder if they have a super fast forensic friend they could call…?
  • “I thought you wanted to change the world and look where you ended up?”
  • Is Oliver going to be out of shape when he inevitably puts the hood back on? Or does he have a salmon ladder he hits every morning?
  • Why does Curtis keep typing when he locates Laurel?
  • I guess Laurel did like those shoes…
  • I’m calling it: Curtis and Felicity are going to make Brother Eye from the comic books.
  • Weird double-headed baby doll. New game to find it in every episode?
  • Knew Oliver was going to follow Felicity. Still funny though.
  • Amnesiac or whatever his name is says “Assthetic.” That bothers me. It’s Aesthetic, pronounced “Ays”
  • Oh, that’s how Ollie will stay in shape. Beating people up without the hood on.
  • I totally agree with Oliver. Too dangerous without backup.
  • “What are you saying, Hoss? I mean Boss?”
  • Tracking her “residual vibration?” In an episode that claims the internet is locked away in an American bunker, I find this just as annoying. If you can track her residual vibration why didn’t you help the Flash locate any of his speedster enemies? Hmmm?
  • It’s not two plots! It’s all one plot!!!
  • Cayden’s voice is actually scary. Props for that.
  • Arrow always has the best fight scenes.
  • None of the hacker lady’s blood that’s already on Felicity’s hands gets on the hacker lady’s face when Felicity touches her.
  • I get it now! The plot is Y2K for a generation of kids who weren’t around for it. Strap in kiddies, expect to have a ton of everybody either freaking out or partying and then a whole lot of everybody pretending like they weren’t terrified. “I wasn’t locked in a bunker when it went down…now…not me…”
  • Hahaha. Oliver basically says “I wasn’t the Green Arrow, we were the Green Arrow.” Who invited Iris West to the scene?
  • Black Siren is a cold bitch.
  • About to go full tron! They are in the INTERWEBS!!!
  • A virus to overclock the CPU and blow up the servers. I feel like C4, while less nerdy, would have been simpler.
  • Also, Sonic Screams, Back flips, Throwing bad guys, all breaking the internet. As I’m watching this show, I suddenly can’t access Facebook. Thanks for nothing Diggle!
  • Oliver as Overwatch is kinda funny.
  • I want to know who’s on Wild Dog’s fantasy football league.
  • The internet asked and the hacker provides: Cheap spinal repair device!
  • Cayden James is pretty cool as a bad guy. Maybe he’s going to make Brother Eye?

CW Shows Week 3 (Fall 2017)

Supergirl 3×03 “Far From the Tree”
-This episode was about Dads. Specifically J’onn’s and Maggie’s. This episode played like two episodes wrapped into one, so let’s focus on Maggie’s first. Maggie and Alex are having a shower hosted by former Supergirl and their Mom Eliza Danvers. Eliza kinda forces the conversation to Maggie’s unpleasant past with her family and Maggie tells the story. It’s the same story she’s told before but we get a few more details. Prompted by Alex, she calls her dad and invites him to the shower, where he tries to show up and then bails when he sees the brides kiss. He’s so uncomfortable that it makes the viewer uncomfortable, but not in the empathetic way so much as the “it’s the 21st century, get over it” kinda way. He gives a really long political story about how hard it is to be Hispanic in America and that it’s harder to be homosexual in America than Hispanic, and her being a lesbian throws is a disgrace to his sacrifices. It’s all selfish and a dick move, and Maggie sees it and is stronger for it. Big Plot Senses Tingling: Alex thinks Maggie will want to have kids now that she’s over her dad being an ass. Alex is wrong.
-The best part of this episode, in my opinion, was the story that followed J’onn and Kara. Don’t get me wrong, I love the political commentary and Maggie and Alex’s relationship, but I watch Superhero shows for Superhero shit, and J’onn flew to freakin Mars with Supergirl to partake in a White Martian resistance! I mean, Duh…that shit was good. Anyway, Martian resistance wants the staff of Ra, but Indy is unavailable, so they saved the other last green martian, J’onn’s dad. He’s a super priest who knows the location of the staff, but first they have to convince him that J’onn is real, then they have to have a kickass showdown with the white’s over the staff (That totally isn’t called the staff of Ra, but I can’t remember). The J’onn story ends with J’onn’s dad living with him on Earth.
Random Thoughts:
  • Maggie’s dad mentions that they are building a wall, but Trump isn’t the president there, Lynda Carter is, and she’s a super progressive alien too. They bring in our real world politics throughout the series in off-handed comments (Mostly references to “fake news”), but this was the first time, that I’ve caught, that it actually challenged continuity.
  • Loved J’onn’s car.
  • The best scene in the history of this show was in this episode when Kara drives up to the Aliens in J’onn’s car, blasting Britney Spears, and mentions missing the right turn at Albuquerque, a la Bugs Bunny, and then proceeds to use that sound track to kick some serious ass. This show has a secondary purpose of empowering women and, while I’m not a woman, I thought this scene was supercharged by that. So good. Girls need kickass fight scenes, too.
  • Maggie’s issues with her father are super tear-jerking. She just wants her dad to love her and he’s pretty solid on the “Only if you’re straight.” What an ass. Although, I almost got teary eyed when he pulled out his own picture of Maggie to add to the picture collage.
  • Definitely also got teary eyed when J’onn’s memory of his kids and family running around is played.
  • Because the Martians are CGI, you can see Kara punch them and their reactions are more on par with what you think would happen if Supergirl really punched someone. They get hit, fly back, and slam into crap super hard.
  • Kara totally used the magic spear to kill like six martians. She’s not supposed to kill, right? She didn’t kill Dominators…but Martians are ok? And I mean, she disintegrates them. She might as well have used heat vision.
The Flash 4×03 “Luck Be A Lady”
-Harry’s back, baby!
The big things in this story are about discovering the plot of the big bad. They realize, pretty early in the show, that when Barry came out of the speed force he released a burst of Dark Matter that created 12 new metas. One of them, named Becky, messes with quantum causality, giving herself good luck while everyone around her experiences bad luck to the same degree that she experiences good. Some other things of note that happen this episode are Jesse breaking up with Wally, Wally moving to Blue Haven, and Harry Wells rejoining team Flash. Oh, and Cecile’s pregnant with Joe’s baby, which I saw coming, but it all felt kind of unnecessary. The bad luck lady shows that she has the ability to destroy the whole city if she wanted to. I honestly have no idea how they’ll stop her if she escapes again without the use of particle accelerator.
Random Thoughts:
  • What’s up with Harry’s hair
  • Earth 2 is sick! How messed up does your Earth have to be to develop “Breakup Cubes.”
  • “You don’t have to shame him…” Barry’s hilarious.
  • Wally will be back for the Earth-X crossover… Right? It’s his sister’s wedding.
  • When everything was going down at the casino, I wondered why Vibe and Kid-Flasg weren’t helping while Harry worked the accelerator. So, no Wally, I wondered where the hell you were, and I’m disappointed that you’d just disappear in the middle of a damn catastrophe.
  • Cisco’s haiku shirt. I want it.
  • Laser tag: “You have failed this city.” Hilarious.
  • What did Caitlyn do this episode…at all?
Legends of Tomorrow 3×03 “Zari”
-This episode is why I love Legends of Tomorrow. We got future stuff, more Gary, and Stoned Nate.
Intercepting a rescue message from Gary to the Time Bureau, the team races to the future to save the day only to find the entire thing is more complicated than they thought. Zari, the person they need to rescue, is a crazy good hacker being chased by a water witch thing that’s somehow related to Amaya. Amaya is told not to be afraid of her powers, and Stein mansplains the shit out of everything. Once again, we get a big showdown between Sara and Agent Sharpe that ends in a way that made me think that we haven’t seen Rip in a few episodes for a reason. Call me paranoid, but I’m willing to bet he’s been overthrown or something at the Time Bureau.
Random Thoughts:
  • Stoned Nate is nothing but win.
  • Gary says “Geeze Louise.” So do I. Gary is suddenly cooler.
  • Nate also has a fidget spinner. Funny.
  • Amaya discovers the term Mansplaining about 60 years earlier than she should have. Oops, time-travel.
  • Why would Amaya join a time-travel team to get help with her totem if she doesn’t want to time travel back to when the totem was made.
  • Sara ditching Agent Sharpe was predictable but still cool.
  • Can’t imagine Rip would sanction attacks on his time ship. Laying bets on it being fake Rip somehow.
  • “Quiet, the marshmallows are talking.”
  • “If anyone’s going to kill Haircut, it’s me.” “Aw, thanks Mick!” “Pleasure.”
  • Gideon with the snark: “What a bitch.” Love snarky Gideon.
  • Amaya’s decendent is also a bitch.
  • Shit dude! Ray made friends with Pennywise!
Arrow 6×03 “Next of Kin”
-New intro dialogue kind of explains it all, but Oliver passed the Green Arrow torch to John Diggle, his long time partner, codenamed Spartan. Diggle is worried about his ability to make the tough calls and he can’t shoot a bow, which I’m not sure is 100% true. John totally dressed up as the Arrow before and has used a bow, but maybe I’m remembering it wrong. Anyone, a Gal named Onyx and her old Army buddies are trying to steal nerve gas to do some crime thing. John freezes at one point and two people end up in the hospital in critical condition. John questions himself some more, and has to get a pep-talk from Oliver. All of this is happening while the MOST IMPORTANT MATH TEST EVER is happening for William, and Oliver needs to be a dad and help his kid with school, but at the same time he doesn’t know how to do school shit. We get a lot of Oliver and Felicity back and forth sexual tension. She signs on to be William’s tutor, Oliver dreams of her tutoring him and gives her a key to his apartment as we restart this on again, off again relationship between these two. John finally comes into his own and gets a pretty cool gun that gets deemed the Green Monster.
This episode was good and I really like the character of Diggle. Unfortunately, I’m not really feeling this PTSD/Nerve Damage thing. He’s spent years telling Oliver that lies destroy the team, and he’s lying to the team, first about his Nerve Damage, and then about the weirdo street juice that’s letting him deal with it. It seems entirely out of character. There was an interview with him recently, and all the crossover news, so we know he doesn’t hold the mantle for long, but still someone needs to call him out about his bullshit. Maybe a monthly SuperHero drug screen? That should be done anyways. The team has had issues with alcohol and drugs in the past. Drug tests would help. Just saying.
That all being said, I can also suspend my Diggle belief on the fact that maybe the PTSD is making him do the lying. If I suspend the belief in that regard, this episode was pretty good. Of course, I like all of the episodes…so you know.
Random Thoughts:
  • “It’s weird, but at some point we all have to get used to it.”
  • Kord Industries? We getting Blue Beetle?
  • Oracle crossed out! This week’s Batman reference.
  • Lol at Green Diggle riding shotgun.
  • I love big boxes of coffee. True story.
  • Rob Reynolds? He’s in Iowa! I can help Team Arrow find him! Does that make me part of Team Arrow? (Inside joke: I have a friend named Rob Reynolds.)
  • “You can be abetter hero than I ever was.” Lies. Diggle runs support. He’s good at that.
  • When the kid referenced Quadratic equations I was all “I’ve heard of that!” Then I realized that I’ve also heard of quantum physics, but that doesn’t mean I know anything about it.
  • Go suit up, Curtis!
  • Cool jumps…don’t see the point, though. Could have taken the stairs…
  • John’s always been good at the fights.
  • Wild dog gets more fight scenes. That’s good.
  • Screams to direct air? Nifty.
  • In car fight scene was different and good.
  • Tennis balls are the real victims.
  • The News Anchor looks like Laurel. I’m not saying she’s Black Siren, but I haven’t seen the news anchor and Black Siren in the same place at the same time…

Musings on CW Superhero Shows

So, I love the CW Superhero shows. A lot. For this reason, I wanted to review/comment on them as they come out. I’m a few episodes behind, so this is my catch up post. In the future, I’m going to write each segment after I’ve seen the episode so that it’s fresh in my mind, but I’ll post them after Arrow airs. Expect Spoilers!
Second disclaimer: I love these shows. They can’t do anything wrong, so my reviews are going to be heavily biased. They will be less reviews and more musings about each episode.
Supergirl, 3×01
Kick off the season with Smallville’s Lois Lane kicking down doors as the new version of Kara’s mother. That’s pretty badass. I liked the way they had her dealing with Mon-El’s leaving, but I feel like a lot of what they dealt with (Alien vs. Human) has kind of already been done. I mean, are they really going to show try to convince us that Kara doesn’t care about Alex and Maggie’s marriage stuff? I’m happy she came around by the end.
Random thoughts:
  • Loved the lifting the Sub thing she did. Really liked Lena Luthor this episode.
  • They did a really good job getting me interested in the Rubie stuff. I really want to know what’s going on there. I know a little bit from online, but I don’t know how they plan on getting there, and that has me excited.
  • Lena Luthor buying CatCo came across as very Michael Rosenbaum in Smallville. Loveable Lex could always be counted on to solve everyone’s problems by spending a shit ton of money. “You want the Talon, here, I’ll help you buy it.” “Hit Clark with my car? I’ll buy him a truck.” They’ve decided to follow Smallville’s narrative a little bit here, and I think that might be a good thing when you’re dealing with a new character that Kara is supposed to end up hating (I assume).
This episode should have been the first episode. I liked the character development that we got with Kara and her fears of the pod and then the awesome explanation for why she’s still upset. Also, Alex and Maggie never had the kids talk. Uh Oh.
Random thoughts:
  • I didn’t like Lena in this episode so much.
  • I don’t get her animosity with Jimmy Olsen at all.
  • Oh, and the ending with J’onn and M’gann was a good ending. Loved that.
The Flash, 4×01
I loved this episode. It was, obviously, a perfect mirror of the original first episode of the Flash. I wasn’t a fan of how Wally and Vibe are supposedly not as solid as Barry at being superheroes. I get it as a plot device, but Wally is as fast as Barry ever was, and Cisco is pretty kickass. Whatever, it was a great episode. Another flaw I saw, that doesn’t get dealt with properly until the second episode in my opinon, was Iris not wanting Barry back. It made sense once episode 2 aired. Loved how they dealt with bringing Barry’s mind back. Also, how friggen kickass is it that they couldn’t stop Barry from getting out of the cell? On another note, the is she, isn’t she with Caitlyn is getting old. Just make a decision and let us know if she’s an ice queen or not.
Random thoughts:
  • This house is bitchin’. That was great.
  • I also really missed Harrison Wells in this episode. Which version of him? All of them, really.
  • The Thinker was a little cartoony, but it was ok.
  • This is my favorite of the superhero shows. Very happy this is back.
  • I also liked that we’re back to comic book Barry who is mentally stable after the death of his family. It’s fun again.
Everything about this episode was perfect. I loved the crossover stuff with the mention of Oliver. This episode was good fun. Kilg%re was a great badguy and we got to see Forensic Barry and Tech Consultant Cisco again. Captain Singh was back, too, which is always a plus. I liked having Caitlyn back, and loved the Cisco/Gypsy stuff that’s building up to the introduction of her father, Breacher.
Random thoughts:
This was a good way to explain the new team dynamic.
I liked the therapy scenes a lot.
This was the first episode where I started wondering what happened to Iris’ writing career…
Did anyone else notice that they started repairing the Star Labs burn marks on the outside? It’s only been four years, way to get on that guys…
Legends of Tomorrow, 3×01
Wow, they really shoehorned this plot together… I feel like they wanted season 2’s finale to lead to a very specific plot of repairing the timeline and then decided that was a lot of work and screw it, let’s just do this completely other thing that undoes all that we set up with that huge cliffhanger at the end of season 2. This episode made me very unhappy with Rip, too. I am now deciding that this Rip is still the altered one from Season 2. Geeze, it’s obvious that Victor Garber is on his way out. Wonder how they’ll make Firestorm work… How the hell are they going to justify to me, their audience that loves them no matter what, that Rip, who basically wants to fuck Gideon, turned Gideon off for 5 years?
Things that I loved:
  • Mick has a lot of STD’s
  • Amaya’s story tying into the rest of the universe.
  • Using the old missions as training scenarios.
  • I went to IMDB and started reading quotes, and quickly realized that I loved this episode. I take back everything.
  • “Sometimes we screw things up for the better.”
  • Love everything Mick. He’s always so great. Really want to see more of him and “Haircut.” They’re great together.
  • While I feel like Sara would have gone off and joined back up with Oliver and company instead of working in Housewares ala Ash J. Williams, I liked it anyway.
This episode was more fun than the season’s first episode. We got to see some of my favorite things in the form of Ray building tech and Nick bro-ing it up. This episode was worth it for the big showdown between Sara and Agent Sharpe. Also, Gary added some great comedic powers to the episode.
Random thoughts:
  • Amaya is a literal beast.
  • Shrink rays show that Ray is still the awesome tech monster he is and was totally wasted on that Tinder knockoff.
  • Victor Garber as a clown is great!
  • Even better was Victor Garber hating on the Titanic. Classic, love it.
  • Damn…Billy Zane got old…and is still weird.
Arrow, 6×01
This episode really glossed over what would have probably been a great episode in everyone leaving or surviving the island. The plot points they made me care about involved whatever’s going on with John, Felicity’s weird standoff style interest in Oliver’s kid, and Quinton’s alcoholism and problems with his doppeldaughter. I feel like we’re missing a big opportunity to deal with Doppeldaughter’s own version of alcoholism. Our Laurel dealt with it, and I can’t imagine that this Laurel, without the same support structure, doesn’t still deal with it. The only thing I wasn’t alright with this episode was Oliver’s kid. Everything dealing with that seemed weird. Also, does the nanny know Oliver is the Green Arrow? Also, that sucks about Speedy.
Random Thoughts:
  • Liked Wild Dog’s new outfit.
  • Liked Mr. Terrific’s T-Spheres getting more action.
  • Liked Green Arrow relying on his team to stop the missiles.
  • The arrows all seemed to have weird flights in this episode. Go through and watch, starting with the first bad guy they catch who launches those missiles. I’ve shot bow, a lot, arrows don’t fly like that… Whatever. Still fun.
  • Oh, hey, everybody…Look…Green Arrow and Oliver…same person…again…
Diggle, what are you doing? Seriously, we’re six years in and you should know better than to keep secrets. Felicity’s voice seemed really off this episode, I think she was either sick or hungover. I think this episode is implying that KGBeast is gonna keep coming back, and I liked that. He’s a believable villain with a backstory that we don’t have to guess about. I don’t like that ARGUS hasn’t called off the FBI yet. Although, I like the idea of Arrow fighting to keep his identity secret.
Random thoughts:
  • Liked the name drop. Very awesome. When I first heard about it, I thought we might see Lois Lane in the crowd or something, but I’m ok with this name drop instead.
  • Really didn’t like the passing of the torch at the end. I’m sure it’s only part-time, but that makes me like it less.

Nostalgia is Fun: A long rant about the source of Reboot Culture.

In a decade of more reboots, reshoots, and rewrites it’s easy to get annoyed with media. This has recently crossed my mind from the other side of it. I kind of like, or at least appreciate the sense of “reboot” that has been drowning our culture lately, and the anthopologist in me can’t help but be intrigued by what’s driving this.

Without any real test subjects (and a complete lack of re-upping my ESRA certifications) I decided to take a look at myself and what drives my want of some of these reboots, but also drill a little deeper into what I generally like about television and movie media anyway.

Of course, I’m typing this while watching the pilot episode of Smallville for the billionth time.

For me, the easiest way to start would be comic books. In this day and age, it’s easier to use comic books to examine this kind of phenomenon anyway, as comic book movies, tv, and literature are at a peak of getting retold and rehashed in a million different ways.

I mean, we’ve had a ton of Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and Iron Man in the last decade, the comic books have rebooted at least 3 times, and the tv shows have as well. Why?

When I examine myself, I need to first look at the creator. Why have I written fan-fictions would probably be a great place to start.

When I wrote my fan-fictions for Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Superman, and Doctor Who (and Firefly, and WoW, and I don’t even remember what else) I specifically was writing them because I wanted more stories. Only in the case of Star Wars did my fan-fictions aim to change the source material. In the case of every other story that I wrote, I was writing a new adventure so that I could continue my adventures with my favorite heroes. My stories are all born out of a want to continue the story. When a tale that I enjoy ends, I tend to want more. Either in the form of a sequel, a book, fan-fiction, a tv-show, or whatever else I can get. I would write Doctor Who fan-fictions in order to fill the more than a year gap between episodes. My Superman fan-fiction (an exciting work that asks how Superman would deal with an esoteric threat such as Cthulhu) was written during the hiatus between seasons of Smallville. I wrote my Firefly fan-fiction after watching the Serenity movie. My most recent fan-fiction was during the excitement over the release of the new Ghostbusters movie. In that case, people on Reddit were asking what direction the reader would have taken if they were going to reboot the Ghostbusters franchise.

To summarize, when I wanted more of a story, and I couldn’t find the story I wanted, I wrote them.

That leads me to my next drive: I love talking about my favorite fandoms with like-minded individuals. My love of Lovecraft’s work didn’t find it’s strength until I found more people to talk about it with. All of those CW Superhero shows (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl) are a blast because of their shared universe. I can talk to anyone who is watching any one of those shows because of the depth of which they crossover into each other’s worlds. The same happens with Cthulhu and Lovecraft. His world is shared (per his wishes) by hundreds of like-minded authors.

Want to see this mindset in action? Go to any ComicCon. You’ll see thousands of people bonding over their shared fandoms. Their shared worlds.

Flipping the script: Hunters love talking to other hunters about hunting. Travelers love talking to other travelers about the places they’ve been. And foodies love talking about their curly fries.

Everyone’s complaining right now about their favorite stories being rebooted in ways that they don’t like. The reason for that is that we all want our favorite stories to continue our way or the canon way. Canon is the stuff that’s done professionally by the original creators. Less people complain about sequels, for example, than they do about reboots. Reboots change the canon, but sequels are more stories in the universe that we already love.

Why do we want reboots but hate them? Because we want more stories in the universes we love but we don’t want the reboots to change anything. The production companies need to understand that we don’t want reboots, we want things to continue. Reboots fail, but I’ll bet that Blade Runner 2049 is going to be loved by more people than Ghostbusters and Batman V. Superman combined.

But Matt! What about the reboots that worked?

I googled “Reboots that were actually good” and a couple of lists came up, but those sounded very “up for interpretation.”

I think the point that I’m trying to make is that we stories are fun when they keep going, but no one wants to see those stories fundamentally changed.

I liked the Ghostbusters reboot, but I can see why people disliked it. They wanted to produce the story for the a modern audience, but the audience they should have considered were the lovers of the original. The lovers of the original (using only my own mental state as a research study) wanted to see the story that they were already vested in continue. They didn’t want to see someone’s awkward interpretation of a new one. And of course, you can’t mention the new Ghostbusters without mentioning female roles, woman-haters, and or man-babies. Unfortunately, I don’t think the problems with the movie had anything to do with a female cast. The problems with that movie were in the things that didn’t continue the 1984 story. The parts everyone loved (the tools, the car, the firehouse, Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, the bust of Egon in Columbia University) were all ties to the original. The love of Holtzmann? Completely because of the magic of mixing Egon with Kate McKinnon. They even gave her the Real Ghostbusters cartoon Egon look, and people loved her. They didn’t love the other characters nearly as much because they had no connection with the original. Hell, nobody would admit it, but if they had made the roles more clearly specific to match the original guys, they would have gotten more love. Because people don’t want new, they want more of what they like.

Ghostbusters isn’t the only example. Batman V. Superman is another great example. I loved that movie, but had a lot of the same problems everyone else did too. The things that I loved, though? Everything that I loved about that movie could be directly tied to the Death of Superman and the Dark Knight comic books of the late 80’s and early 90’s. Superman after getting blasted by a nuke? Friggen sweet. Batman going toe-to-toe with Superman in a big armored suit? Damned awesome (minus the ‘Martha’ thing). I didn’t care that Jimmy Olsen was a girl named Jenny and that James Olsen was some CIA guy. James Olsen seemed shoehorned in, but Jenny Olsen actually fit, really well, and I loved it. The things that I didn’t like were only story-based. Like Batman’s stance against Superman seemed forced for a guy willing to be Judge and Jury. Also, he didn’t weigh the fact that the Kryptonians really didn’t give Supes a chance to change the battlefield.

On that same note, I loved (and I know others probably didn’t) Terminator Genisys. Holy crap, that movie was spectacular. It continued the story, but used the inherent nature of the time travel element to reboot the franchise, but without rebooting the franchise.

Prometheus? Same thing. They’ve just told more of the story, and for that reason, I loved it.

Give me more, not new, and I’ll probably end up loving it.

Anyway, where the hell did all of this come from? That’s easy. My dream is to create a world, like Lovecraft or any of the other examples I’ve listed here, that my fans share and create in. I love the CW shows and their ability to crossover. When I finish one, I can go to the next and get more of the world that I love. When I get all caught up on all of them, I can crack a comic book and get even more. Hell, I’ve read most of the Smallville novels that they used to sell (just to clarify, if all of my favorite fandoms could have book spinoffs, the world would be a much better place. In that vein, special thanks to Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Stargate for keeping the literary love going).

I write that knowing that I have a superhero story (Broken Nights) that I’m working on the sequel of. I write it knowing that I’m also creating other worlds (Andrew Doran, Bridge Over Paradiso, The Sons of Merlin) that maybe I’d like to discover other people have written some great fan-fictions for. Or knowing that there’s such a thing as Kindle Worlds, that lets creators play in professional worlds. That would be a lot of fun for me if Kindle Worlds had access to some of the more fun properties. Seriously, Superman should be Public Domain by now. Somebody look at that and get back to me. Or if you know any shows needed writers, give me a holler.

So, why do we keep getting reboots? Because we want more, the production companies know that and instead of struggling to give us the more we want, they decide to give us more in the form of new. We end up hating it. They don’t know what they did wrong. Then they go and change all the wrong things and reboot it again. We hate them more, and scream “Do it right!” They don’t understand.

This is a crazy long rant, but anyway, I just wanted to put my two-cents in regarding remakes and reboots. Of course, I also used it to beg for a writing job and to inform people that I’d love to find fan-fictions in the worlds that I’ve built.

Oh, and I want Kindle Worlds to get their hands on more properties. That’d be sweet.