Review: Psycho Killers in Love by C.T. Phipps

Psycho Killers in Love by [C. T. Phipps]

Psycho Killers in Love by C.T. Phipps is the newest venture of Mr. Phipps, bringing him out of the realm of superheroes and apocalyptic fiction and straight into slasher horror. Of course, the illustrious Mr. Phipps can’t go dancing in the ballroom without bringing his own pizzazz and he most certainly does that.
Psycho Killers in Love takes the slasher genre as a whole, from Michael Myers to Freddy to whoever else you could possibly think of, and turns them into their own evil pantheon akin to the Gods on Olympus. Powers are bestowed to those of Slasher lineage that gives them their innate abilities that we all thought were plot holes when we watched the movies.
We follow William and his sister, Carrie, as they discover that a local group (local for now. The nature of their “business” means they travel a lot) of high society folks have been harnessing the power of the Slashers in their annual hunt. It helps that the otherwise sexually ambiguous William has found a romantic interest in the antithesis of Slashers. Together they have to work to save her friends and sister while also harnessing, and avoiding over-indulging, their inner natures.
It’s interesting, of course, seeing Phipps’ spin on the slasher genre with his antihero being morally questionable (much like his Lucifer’s Star lead) in that he has hard lines that one should never cross, and to a point that includes killing, until the killing is what he needs to complete his goal. Phipps spins a great story torturing our protagonist’s soul through questionable deeds, abusive relationships, and overprotective sibling behavior. All while trying to figure out if he can trust his new girlfriend.
The best part of this story, and this is a rare thing for me to say about a Phipps book, wasn’t the characters. They were great, but I really enjoyed the world building around the mythos of slashers. You see it shine when William takes on his moniker, The Accountant, and he seamlessly ties the dream worlds of Krueger with the slasher powers of Jason and the torture porn of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. All with a godly voice in the back of William’s head that makes you wonder how many other horror movie creatures were hearing a similar voice in theirs.
Especially because of the world and powers that Phipps invented, this gets a 5 out of 5 from me.

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