Review: Lovecraft Country Episode 6 – Meet Me In Daegu

This episode was called “Meet me in Daegu” and serves as a flashback episode to fill us in on why Atticus is so obsessed with an unknown Korean woman and what exactly he experienced during the war that made him so different to everyone he’s come back to.

This episode’s existence hints that we’ll also learn why he’s shouting “How did you know?” into the phone of episode 5. That is a lie. Don’t fall for it. We’ll learn who he’s shouting it to and what they are shouting it about, but as far as whatever he’s specifically referencing on the letter he’s translated, you’ll only have to speculate.

And to help you with that, here’s my “Early into the Review Speculation!”

I think Tic translated that the only way he can protect his family/earn immortality/win the lottery and get everyone moved to a much less racist place, is to go through some spell that requires the death of the person with the magic blood. Who he knows is himself.

Except! We had an episode where Montrose is entirely accepting of who he is and willing to live freely with those choices now. We had a bliss moment in a story by the only other person who has the same magic blood (“Lieutenant Dan, you got Magic Blood…”). So, my prediction concludes with some “The Flash will Die in Crisis” BS – Montrose is going to sacrifice himself after knocking out Tic or something. Then Tic will be without any father figures but will suddenly have a begrudging respect for his out, turns-out-to-be-his-uncle, guy who raised him.

I’m way off topic.

Atticus was an asshole during the Korean War and I don’t know enough about America and our state of mind at the time to know if this was the norm or if Atticus and his crew were under special pressure during the conflict. We discover that he’s directly responsible for the murder and torture of suspected Communist sympathizers and they use murder as an incentive for people to admit they are the sympathizers (literally shooting nurses until one of them admits to being it).

We learn that Ji-ah (Tic’s future love interest) is actually a fox demon succubus thing that needs 100 souls before it can leave, or at least that’s what the ill-informed humanity keeps telling it. A woman’s husband (step-dad we ended up figuring out, but they are kind of vague), molested her daughter when she was very young. In order to get back at him and make him pay for his sins, she had a shaman summon this demon fox thing that eats men’s memories and then makes them explode with the power of her tons of fox tails. The problem is that the demon can’t leave after one soul and her daughter is possessed permanently until 100 souls are devoured in that way.

This is the most compelling part of this story. The mother claims that her daughter is gone and we have to assume from some very specific statements made by Ji-ah that she isn’t wrong. So this woman essentially kills her daughter through her ignorance and puts a monster inside of her that has to keep having sex, devouring memories, and blowing people up with the power of Sonic’s best friend until she’s left just so the mind of a child can now inhabit this adult’s body?

On top of that, this monster is constantly being scolded by the mother that she’s not human and that she can’t feel, but she becomes a nurse, and goes through classes, and makes friends.

It was during all of this crazy tail killing that I pointed out to Mikey that, “You are what you eat,” and she’s been devouring souls. So even if she was a soulless monster at one point, she’s had to learn something over time.

That’s where the complication of her relationship with Atticus comes in. He’s tortured and probably murdered her best friend. She thinks she’ll make him her 100th soul and ditch this horrible place, but as she gets close to him she actually starts to feel something for him and even manages to keep her tails in check when they do it.

Her mother says that it’s not real unless she’s honest with him about what she is and she isn’t wrong.

To Ji-ah’s credit, she tries, but his attention is young and full of sexy time while she’s trying to slowly tell him a cross-cultural story about demons. He hears it, but she never gets to say “That weird thing flying next to the blue speedy guy is me. Oh, and Swiggity Swoogity, I’m gonna blow up your booty.”

They start getting busy and her tails get loose. She throws him off, but because she didn’t kill him she ends up seeing something new.

His future.

And him dying in a ritual looking thing.

See? That’s where my theory comes from. The Monitor just told the Flash that he has to die in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Much like the Flash, Tic doesn’t take it well. Before they got their Swoogity on, he told her he was about to go home. Now that she’s some weirdo Sega knockoff, he’s got nothing holding him there and he leaves while she’s screaming “You’re going to die.”

It’s sad because the monster loves him and the fact that she’s still herself when he calls her at the end of Episode 5 tells me that she hasn’t stopped loving him or she’d have just banged some guy and peaced out.

Mikey’s thoughts:

First:How the Hell do they get the blood off the walls? They are literally cloth walls.

Second: She’s got 99 problems but Tic ain’t 1.

Third: Her mother LOST the Mother of the Year Award by a fucking landslide.

Fourth: Tic’s future looks FUCKED UP!

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