This Year In Writing (2019)!

No one who follows my adventures in penmanship will be shocked to hear that this year didn’t go quite as I intended it would in regards to my writing.
There were a lot of hurdles that stopped me from getting in front of a computer. Hurdles are detrimental to one thing, but aren’t necessarily bad.
For example, some of my hurdles were a big move that took up much of my spring, getting fired from a job that I was sure I had a great future from, a surgery that I hadn’t known I would need, and a toddler that (in defiance of my previous post about kids and writing) decided to become wonderfully clingy. I say wonderfully because it’s nice to be clung too, but at the same time it’s difficult to get anything done when you have a 30 pound, squirming weight attached to your ankle.
All of those things, even the surgery and getting fired, were great in there way and helped me succeed in my life in new and interesting ways. They were hurdles in that they stopped me from getting as far as I had hoped I would with my writing.
I fell behind on three major novels I’m working on, one anthology, and my blog. Somewhere in the middle of that, I started to lose faith in my skills as a writer and I’d be remiss to ignore the effect of mental health on writing (don’t worry about me, it was a brief period of time in which my self-confidence wained, but I’m back on track now).
My writing successes were hidden in there as well, though. We published The Tales of the Al Azif and I managed to make some serious forward momentum in regards to the third Andrew Doran novel. I’ve restarted the anthology project I’m working on with fellow writers David HamblingByron Craft, and John A. Delaughter, about 4 times and now their only waiting on me.
Needless to say, don’t surrender your Daven-verse Fandoms, yet. Each project I’ve mentioned in the past is still on the table and being worked on. Expect more from Broken Nights, Andrew Doran, spinoffs to the Broken Nights books, Satan’s Salesman 2, and the Multiverse Protection Bureau, as well as a few other projects I’m currently putting notes together for (including a potential radio drama styled serial. We’ll see.)
To my chagrin, my blog has turned into a list of apologies for derailed writing efforts, and that’s going to change. At the very least, I’m going to be writing here more frequently in the hopes that it encourages my other endeavors to stay on track.
Stay tuned for a great Lovecraft-inspired time travel book by four great authors as well as the next Andrew Doran novel – Andrew Doran and the Scroll of Nightmares.
At the end of the day, I know what I need to do to be a successful writer, and that’s to get the biggest hurdle out of my way: ME. Schedules and steady effort are what it’s going to take. It won’t be overnight, but I’ll get there.
Expect more reviews of things, as well! I just finished reading 7 Hard Luck Hank novels and I really want to talk about them.

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