Supergirl 3×07 “Wake Up” Review

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on SUPERGIRL this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
I’m also going to try doing it in a simpler format. I’ve gotten rid of my play by play reactions and am opting to write a single shorter review post for each show instead of the super long reviews I have been doing. Let me know what you think.
Supergirl 3×07- “Wake Up”
-This week broke from what I think was a pretty solid pattern for this season and didn’t have a simple theme. This episode dealt with Kara finally getting her wish, in the return of Mon-El, but also getting a heavy dose of “Be careful what you wish for.”
As everyone kind of guessed when Mon-El disappeared into a wormhole in space last season, he went to the future and joined the Legion of Superheroes in the 31st century (Not confirmed in this episode, but yeah, that’s what happened). When a submarine gets attacked by his dormant ship buried under National City (that was very lucky) almost 12,000 years ago, Mon-El is reunited with Kara, but he’s being super shifty. I feel like everyone could figure out the big twist here as soon as Kara said, “It’s been such a long and hard 7 months.” The big twist, for those who couldn’t figure out the foreshadowing in that sentence, is that it hasn’t been 7 months for Mon-El, but has actually been 7 years (12,007 more like, but he was unconscious during that time). He moved on and married a gal from Titan, Imra Ardeen. It’s sad, but only because it’s been a much shorter time for Kara. Mon-El was infuriating in this episode. I feel like he should have just been straight forward about his situation from the moment he saw Kara. “Kara, I know this sucks, but I got sucked into the future, where they cured me of lead and I was living for seven years. Before you go getting your hopes up, you should know that, while it was incredibly difficult and heart-breaking, I did end up getting over you and falling in love with Titan lady. Sorry, can we still be besties?” The other time that he frustrated me (read that as “really pissed me off”) was when he kissed his wife right when he was about to tell Kara everything, but without actually telling her. He just runs over, kisses her and is all “Oh, right, earthlings care about tact, my bad.” Not cool dude. Obviously Kara needs a trip to a different Earth for a little while (see next week’s episode).
The other major plot of this episode was Samantha finding her own Fortress of Sanctuary (really original…seriously, what other ideas did you steal from Jor-el? Dude, that Lady Jor-el knock off was super creepy) and awakening her power that is Reign. Turns out that she’s a brainwashed world destroyer, and when Creepy Hologram lady says the magic words, Reign wakes up and pushes Samantha deep down. I’m getting a really big vibe that they are stealing from the Smallville Doomsday plot with Davis Bloome. She’s going to go all evil, then her daughter will be the only one to bring her back. It was even foreshadowed fairly heavily with the “Hear that? You’re my heart” scene.
Finally, there was a subplot of J’onn and his awesome father, Myr’nn getting an apartment to start becoming more a part of the world and rediscovering their “humanity” (martianity? I don’t know, let’s just go with “personable skills.”
All in all, it was a great episode that reminded me Jimmy existed by giving him about 30 seconds of screen time, brought back Mon-El, and finally gave Martian Manhunter some more backstory. Unfortunately, I feel as though it suffered from the same thing that I think has been plaguing this entire season: Emo-Kara. She spends every episode getting cured. Then she falls back into the pouty “I’m just gonna be an alien, because being a human hurts too much.” Which, by the way, is so damned racist. Aliens have feelings too. Ask literally anyone in that damned bard you hang out in.

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