CW Shows Week 4 (Fall 2017)

Per the usual disclaimer: This is recaps and highlights of my favorite superhero shows from the CW. There will be spoilers. If you are not caught up on SUPERGIRL, THE FLASH, LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, or ARROW this week you will not want to read beyond this point.
Supergirl 3×04 “The Faithful”
-The theme this week is Religion. I feel like instead of the “Freak of the Week” thing CW usually does, they’ve decided to do the Deep Topic of the Week instead. Whatever, I like it. It’s fresh.
The hot topic here is how religion can be both a bastion for those needing hope and how it can also be twisted to represent the wrong ideas. The idea is not that religion is bad, but that it has it’s place and people shouldn’t look to justify doing bad things. They should find solace in it’s arms as the promise that things can get better. That they will get better.
Anyway, a guy that Kara saved starts a religion worshiping her as a god. He is also worshiping Rao, the Kryptonian god. He’s convincing people to put themselves in danger so that Supergirl can save them in some sick baptism thing. Really sick shit. Kara isn’t cool with it and tells him. He decides to blow up a hockey game with a Kryptonian pod, but there’s Kryptonite in it, giving Kara the perfect chance to show him that she can bleed and is totally mortal. Alex and Supergirl save the day, barely.
The episode ends with Alex realizing that she can’t deny herself what she really wants (Kids), Kara rediscovering her faith, and Samantha having creepy witch hallucinations and crazy Kryptonian markings all over her skin.
Also, the bomb/probe that blew up in the stadium totally awakened some sort of Kryptonian pod critter from centuries ago. This is my prediction: It’s Doomsday, or Lady Doomsday, or something big and evil and monstery that Samantha/Reign will use to try and kill Supergirl.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Did a goose hit the engines?
  • Creepy Perv watching a kid’s soccer game? Must be a cultist…
  • Literal Baptisms by fire.
  • Never accept Parenting advice from a Luthor. Seriously, how many times did Lex say “Take it from me, Clark. I wrote the book on dysfunctional families.”
  • Jimmy Olsen trying to help Kara by explaining how she’s really a religious symbol… So not helping, Jimmy.
  • Voyager Probe Mention! SCIENCE!
  • Am I the only one noticing that they are avoiding showing the Guardian? They mention him in passing but completely avoid using him all of the time.
  • How does the cult leader get that probe/bomb thing everywhere?
  • The old “Gods don’t bleed” trope. Slow clap for you.
  • The kryptonite effects on Kara are really well done. That’s a win.
  • That entire dropping the bomb in the hole thing…I don’t think it would really work like that, but what do I know?
  • Psycho jailbird giving Psychological advice…
  • Alex getting the feels right in her Ovaries!
  • They really fast-tracked the entire friendship with Samantha. Two days ago, nobody knew each other, now everyone is Ruby’s pseudo-aunt… Did anyone ask Ruby if this was ok?
  • CW is really milking the Erica Durance contract. “Quick, get as many scenes with her as you can before she gets tired of it and ditches on us!”
  • Holy Kryptonian Possession, Batman!
  • Weird Kryptonian Pods?
The Flash 4×04 “Elongated Journey Into Night”
-Barry gets a blast from the past in the form of a crooked cop that he helped get removed from the force. It turns out that this guy, Ralph Dibny, is a stretchy meta-human working as a private investigator. In short, Ralph believes in justice no matter the cost, and that’s what got him in trouble with Barry and the CCPD. It’s also what gets him in trouble with the Mayor.
The background plot to this episode is Cisco’s relationship with Gypsy and her father, played by Danny Trejo. He goes by the name of Breacher, and it turns out that he runs the Earth-19 force that protects Earth-19 from Multiverse Crooks. Breacher decides he is going to hunt Cisco (sans powers) for Cisco to prove his worth in Gypsy’s life.
Loved this episode for people calling Barry out on his bullshit. He doesn’t want to give Meta’s a chance, and Iris and Caitlyn shut him down. He calls himself out for incarcerating Meta’s without due process.
The episode ends with Breacher respecting, if not liking, Cisco, and the Elongated Man joining Team Flash to learn how to be a hero. We got the funny little hat-tip to Plastic Man as well, when they are trying to come up with a name for Dibny.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • The new introduction, as spoken by Barry, mentioned that Barry was “lost in time” not lost in the Speedforce. That lends itself toward all of those quotes he said from first season and possibly future episodes (ie: This house is bitchin’)
  • I’d vote for Mayor Joe West long before I voted for Mayor Oliver Queen. Just saying. Joe’s priorities have never been a question for me. And he can sing.
  • Everybody keeps saying Joe is glowing, and I get why, but let’s be completely honest: That’s not glowing, that’s brooding on par with Oliver. As a guy who recently received similar news from his significant other, I have a general idea of how “glowing” feels. Joe ain’t feeling it.
  • “This facility is poorly guarded.” That’s old news Breacher. But will anybody do anything about it? No, probably not.
  • Breacher: “You look like someone I sent my daughter to kill.”  Harry: “I get that a lot.” Love this exchange. Hilarious and unfortunately true.
  • He then quotes Princess Bride. Turns out that it’s the only constant on every Earth.
  • All the ladies loving on Oliver. Hilarious as well. All the Arrow haters out there can’t fight the huge ego-stroking he must get on set. (Arrow haters make no sense to me, just sayin’)
  • Dibny’s a perv. That’s cliche, but funny.
  • The Barry/Dibny backstory is great. It gives character development for both of them and that’s something I wasn’t sure we’d get much more of with Barry.
  • Why’d Iris grab the shoe?
  • “Four years of seeing this stuff, I finally puked.” HAHAHAHAHA!
  • I want to know more about these coffee-killing multiverse invaders.
  • “I don’t know where you go when you die.” Funny and well-acted. Just rolled out calmly. I loved it.
  • Vibrating through the floor was really cool. I like how Iris was describing it to Caitlyn later.
  • “12 of those were butt dials.” Dibny is my kind of funny.
  • Machete Easter Egg. No reason they’d have a machete in the lab, but they do.
  • Laughed out loud at “I look like a Hemsworth.” No, Dibny, you look like Jim Carrey.
  • Cisco with the Die Hard quote.
  • Joe is right. That super speed slowmo stuff never gets old. Ever. Great speed scene. Everyone online keeps comparing it to that scene in X-Men, but I see a huge bit of Smallville influence. This is exactly what Clark would have done and I’m sure did. I like the call back.
  • Plastoids? Plastic Guys broke coffee? Plasticene? Doctor Who? What?
  • “Everyone else gets struck by lightning and dies and you get super power?”
  • Cigar scene is great! Now, Joe is glowing.
  • The Devoe revelation was great. It’s about time they got a break in the Thinker case.
Legends of Tomorrow 3×04 “Phone Home”
-Young Ray Palmer makes friends with a Baby Dominator in the 80’s. Dominator Mommy not happy about it and the Government (Guy from the crossover) wants it. Gotta get the baby back to momma and stop the government or Ray ceases to exist.
Loved this episode for it’s huge 80’s vibe, and I also loved all of the Nate scenes. They are really stepping up his character. I also liked Mick’s helping Stein steal the ship. I’m part of the Mick fan club.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Young Ray is a crazy adventurer.
  • Woah! Is that the agent from the crossover? What happened to his hair?
  • Zari pegs them all except Sara. Good. I wouldn’t risk trying to give her a label.
  • That fucker actually shot a kid.
  • “Trust Ray to find the bright side of dying.” Correction: bright side of everything.
  • Amaya is dressed like Lisa from Saved by the Bell.
  • Nate and the Delorean. Nuff Said.
  • Calls the baby Dominator “Gumball.”
  • “Or worse. Fight together.”- Mick, haha.
  • I would like to comment on Mick’s always eating. I don’t know what comment to make, but consider it made.
  • I love how Nate and Ray find ways to bond over everything. Great friendship there.
  • Dominator pulls ET stuffed toy trick.
  • Ray and Barry (and Kara) love Singing in the Rain. Mick likes Fiddler on the Roof. He’s deeper than anyone knows.
  • “Is there a cougar on the premises?” HAHAHAHAHAHA. So much for Ray and Nate’s bonding. They were dressed/written as disguised as Animal Control for only this reason.
  • I want a toy version of the Atom, then I can tell everyone it’s my supersuit.
  • Mick is very good at being a detective. Surprising. I’m telling you, there’s more to him than burning things.
  • Gray isn’t a traitor, he’s calling his daughter. I don’t know why anyone would keep this a secret.
  • Laughing at Sara and the Reeses Pieces
  • I’m liking Zari a little more. She’s growing on me.
  • Ray’s mom is a naughty/lonely woman…I mean, oops, Dominator!
  • Turn into steel! Turn into steel! Why doesn’t he remember he can do that when he’s fighting the Dominator?
  • Kara and Barry need a video of this dance-off. Why isn’t anyone recording this?
  • I bet Baby-Stein (Ronnie) become the new half of Firestorm
  • Getting the feels over the Trick or Treat friends scene.
  • Jackson wanting to breakup Firestorm, more feels! Jackson’s the best.
Arrow 6×04 “Reversal”
-Cayden James is going to destroy the internet. We get some great Oliver scenes. The team saves the Internet, but it turns out that the Thinker…err… I mean Cayden James was actually wanting Felicity to stop him. Looks like we’ve got a new Legion of Doom on our hands. Mostly, this “Destroy the internet” thing caused me a lot of nerdy anguish, but I am looking past it to love how it set up some great scenes with Oliver and Felicity as well as Curtis and some great scenes with Black Siren.
Thoughts as I watch:
  • Curtis was an original shipper. Olicity haters can burn in hell.
  • Lots of forensics, I wonder if they have a super fast forensic friend they could call…?
  • “I thought you wanted to change the world and look where you ended up?”
  • Is Oliver going to be out of shape when he inevitably puts the hood back on? Or does he have a salmon ladder he hits every morning?
  • Why does Curtis keep typing when he locates Laurel?
  • I guess Laurel did like those shoes…
  • I’m calling it: Curtis and Felicity are going to make Brother Eye from the comic books.
  • Weird double-headed baby doll. New game to find it in every episode?
  • Knew Oliver was going to follow Felicity. Still funny though.
  • Amnesiac or whatever his name is says “Assthetic.” That bothers me. It’s Aesthetic, pronounced “Ays”
  • Oh, that’s how Ollie will stay in shape. Beating people up without the hood on.
  • I totally agree with Oliver. Too dangerous without backup.
  • “What are you saying, Hoss? I mean Boss?”
  • Tracking her “residual vibration?” In an episode that claims the internet is locked away in an American bunker, I find this just as annoying. If you can track her residual vibration why didn’t you help the Flash locate any of his speedster enemies? Hmmm?
  • It’s not two plots! It’s all one plot!!!
  • Cayden’s voice is actually scary. Props for that.
  • Arrow always has the best fight scenes.
  • None of the hacker lady’s blood that’s already on Felicity’s hands gets on the hacker lady’s face when Felicity touches her.
  • I get it now! The plot is Y2K for a generation of kids who weren’t around for it. Strap in kiddies, expect to have a ton of everybody either freaking out or partying and then a whole lot of everybody pretending like they weren’t terrified. “I wasn’t locked in a bunker when it went down…now…not me…”
  • Hahaha. Oliver basically says “I wasn’t the Green Arrow, we were the Green Arrow.” Who invited Iris West to the scene?
  • Black Siren is a cold bitch.
  • About to go full tron! They are in the INTERWEBS!!!
  • A virus to overclock the CPU and blow up the servers. I feel like C4, while less nerdy, would have been simpler.
  • Also, Sonic Screams, Back flips, Throwing bad guys, all breaking the internet. As I’m watching this show, I suddenly can’t access Facebook. Thanks for nothing Diggle!
  • Oliver as Overwatch is kinda funny.
  • I want to know who’s on Wild Dog’s fantasy football league.
  • The internet asked and the hacker provides: Cheap spinal repair device!
  • Cayden James is pretty cool as a bad guy. Maybe he’s going to make Brother Eye?

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