Review: Star Wars: Kenobi

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Kenobi was a book that completely surprised me. I’m normally a bigger fan of the books that follow the classic series of movies, the expanded universe after Return of the Jedi. Kenobi isn’t that at all. Instead, Kenobi is a look at Obi Wan’s life after just having dropped off Luke Skywalker with the Lars family and attempting to stay hidden. How does someone go from being a general to being a hermit? That’s the question that Obi Wan is faced with and is forced to confront.
The best thing about this book, I thought, was the way that it was written, without apology, as a western. The western Genre was such a perfect setting for this book and made it a fun and easy read.
I loved this book.
This review was originally posted on an old blog of mine. 6/23/13

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