CW Shows Week 3 (Fall 2017)

Supergirl 3×03 “Far From the Tree”
-This episode was about Dads. Specifically J’onn’s and Maggie’s. This episode played like two episodes wrapped into one, so let’s focus on Maggie’s first. Maggie and Alex are having a shower hosted by former Supergirl and their Mom Eliza Danvers. Eliza kinda forces the conversation to Maggie’s unpleasant past with her family and Maggie tells the story. It’s the same story she’s told before but we get a few more details. Prompted by Alex, she calls her dad and invites him to the shower, where he tries to show up and then bails when he sees the brides kiss. He’s so uncomfortable that it makes the viewer uncomfortable, but not in the empathetic way so much as the “it’s the 21st century, get over it” kinda way. He gives a really long political story about how hard it is to be Hispanic in America and that it’s harder to be homosexual in America than Hispanic, and her being a lesbian throws is a disgrace to his sacrifices. It’s all selfish and a dick move, and Maggie sees it and is stronger for it. Big Plot Senses Tingling: Alex thinks Maggie will want to have kids now that she’s over her dad being an ass. Alex is wrong.
-The best part of this episode, in my opinion, was the story that followed J’onn and Kara. Don’t get me wrong, I love the political commentary and Maggie and Alex’s relationship, but I watch Superhero shows for Superhero shit, and J’onn flew to freakin Mars with Supergirl to partake in a White Martian resistance! I mean, Duh…that shit was good. Anyway, Martian resistance wants the staff of Ra, but Indy is unavailable, so they saved the other last green martian, J’onn’s dad. He’s a super priest who knows the location of the staff, but first they have to convince him that J’onn is real, then they have to have a kickass showdown with the white’s over the staff (That totally isn’t called the staff of Ra, but I can’t remember). The J’onn story ends with J’onn’s dad living with him on Earth.
Random Thoughts:
  • Maggie’s dad mentions that they are building a wall, but Trump isn’t the president there, Lynda Carter is, and she’s a super progressive alien too. They bring in our real world politics throughout the series in off-handed comments (Mostly references to “fake news”), but this was the first time, that I’ve caught, that it actually challenged continuity.
  • Loved J’onn’s car.
  • The best scene in the history of this show was in this episode when Kara drives up to the Aliens in J’onn’s car, blasting Britney Spears, and mentions missing the right turn at Albuquerque, a la Bugs Bunny, and then proceeds to use that sound track to kick some serious ass. This show has a secondary purpose of empowering women and, while I’m not a woman, I thought this scene was supercharged by that. So good. Girls need kickass fight scenes, too.
  • Maggie’s issues with her father are super tear-jerking. She just wants her dad to love her and he’s pretty solid on the “Only if you’re straight.” What an ass. Although, I almost got teary eyed when he pulled out his own picture of Maggie to add to the picture collage.
  • Definitely also got teary eyed when J’onn’s memory of his kids and family running around is played.
  • Because the Martians are CGI, you can see Kara punch them and their reactions are more on par with what you think would happen if Supergirl really punched someone. They get hit, fly back, and slam into crap super hard.
  • Kara totally used the magic spear to kill like six martians. She’s not supposed to kill, right? She didn’t kill Dominators…but Martians are ok? And I mean, she disintegrates them. She might as well have used heat vision.
The Flash 4×03 “Luck Be A Lady”
-Harry’s back, baby!
The big things in this story are about discovering the plot of the big bad. They realize, pretty early in the show, that when Barry came out of the speed force he released a burst of Dark Matter that created 12 new metas. One of them, named Becky, messes with quantum causality, giving herself good luck while everyone around her experiences bad luck to the same degree that she experiences good. Some other things of note that happen this episode are Jesse breaking up with Wally, Wally moving to Blue Haven, and Harry Wells rejoining team Flash. Oh, and Cecile’s pregnant with Joe’s baby, which I saw coming, but it all felt kind of unnecessary. The bad luck lady shows that she has the ability to destroy the whole city if she wanted to. I honestly have no idea how they’ll stop her if she escapes again without the use of particle accelerator.
Random Thoughts:
  • What’s up with Harry’s hair
  • Earth 2 is sick! How messed up does your Earth have to be to develop “Breakup Cubes.”
  • “You don’t have to shame him…” Barry’s hilarious.
  • Wally will be back for the Earth-X crossover… Right? It’s his sister’s wedding.
  • When everything was going down at the casino, I wondered why Vibe and Kid-Flasg weren’t helping while Harry worked the accelerator. So, no Wally, I wondered where the hell you were, and I’m disappointed that you’d just disappear in the middle of a damn catastrophe.
  • Cisco’s haiku shirt. I want it.
  • Laser tag: “You have failed this city.” Hilarious.
  • What did Caitlyn do this episode…at all?
Legends of Tomorrow 3×03 “Zari”
-This episode is why I love Legends of Tomorrow. We got future stuff, more Gary, and Stoned Nate.
Intercepting a rescue message from Gary to the Time Bureau, the team races to the future to save the day only to find the entire thing is more complicated than they thought. Zari, the person they need to rescue, is a crazy good hacker being chased by a water witch thing that’s somehow related to Amaya. Amaya is told not to be afraid of her powers, and Stein mansplains the shit out of everything. Once again, we get a big showdown between Sara and Agent Sharpe that ends in a way that made me think that we haven’t seen Rip in a few episodes for a reason. Call me paranoid, but I’m willing to bet he’s been overthrown or something at the Time Bureau.
Random Thoughts:
  • Stoned Nate is nothing but win.
  • Gary says “Geeze Louise.” So do I. Gary is suddenly cooler.
  • Nate also has a fidget spinner. Funny.
  • Amaya discovers the term Mansplaining about 60 years earlier than she should have. Oops, time-travel.
  • Why would Amaya join a time-travel team to get help with her totem if she doesn’t want to time travel back to when the totem was made.
  • Sara ditching Agent Sharpe was predictable but still cool.
  • Can’t imagine Rip would sanction attacks on his time ship. Laying bets on it being fake Rip somehow.
  • “Quiet, the marshmallows are talking.”
  • “If anyone’s going to kill Haircut, it’s me.” “Aw, thanks Mick!” “Pleasure.”
  • Gideon with the snark: “What a bitch.” Love snarky Gideon.
  • Amaya’s decendent is also a bitch.
  • Shit dude! Ray made friends with Pennywise!
Arrow 6×03 “Next of Kin”
-New intro dialogue kind of explains it all, but Oliver passed the Green Arrow torch to John Diggle, his long time partner, codenamed Spartan. Diggle is worried about his ability to make the tough calls and he can’t shoot a bow, which I’m not sure is 100% true. John totally dressed up as the Arrow before and has used a bow, but maybe I’m remembering it wrong. Anyone, a Gal named Onyx and her old Army buddies are trying to steal nerve gas to do some crime thing. John freezes at one point and two people end up in the hospital in critical condition. John questions himself some more, and has to get a pep-talk from Oliver. All of this is happening while the MOST IMPORTANT MATH TEST EVER is happening for William, and Oliver needs to be a dad and help his kid with school, but at the same time he doesn’t know how to do school shit. We get a lot of Oliver and Felicity back and forth sexual tension. She signs on to be William’s tutor, Oliver dreams of her tutoring him and gives her a key to his apartment as we restart this on again, off again relationship between these two. John finally comes into his own and gets a pretty cool gun that gets deemed the Green Monster.
This episode was good and I really like the character of Diggle. Unfortunately, I’m not really feeling this PTSD/Nerve Damage thing. He’s spent years telling Oliver that lies destroy the team, and he’s lying to the team, first about his Nerve Damage, and then about the weirdo street juice that’s letting him deal with it. It seems entirely out of character. There was an interview with him recently, and all the crossover news, so we know he doesn’t hold the mantle for long, but still someone needs to call him out about his bullshit. Maybe a monthly SuperHero drug screen? That should be done anyways. The team has had issues with alcohol and drugs in the past. Drug tests would help. Just saying.
That all being said, I can also suspend my Diggle belief on the fact that maybe the PTSD is making him do the lying. If I suspend the belief in that regard, this episode was pretty good. Of course, I like all of the episodes…so you know.
Random Thoughts:
  • “It’s weird, but at some point we all have to get used to it.”
  • Kord Industries? We getting Blue Beetle?
  • Oracle crossed out! This week’s Batman reference.
  • Lol at Green Diggle riding shotgun.
  • I love big boxes of coffee. True story.
  • Rob Reynolds? He’s in Iowa! I can help Team Arrow find him! Does that make me part of Team Arrow? (Inside joke: I have a friend named Rob Reynolds.)
  • “You can be abetter hero than I ever was.” Lies. Diggle runs support. He’s good at that.
  • When the kid referenced Quadratic equations I was all “I’ve heard of that!” Then I realized that I’ve also heard of quantum physics, but that doesn’t mean I know anything about it.
  • Go suit up, Curtis!
  • Cool jumps…don’t see the point, though. Could have taken the stairs…
  • John’s always been good at the fights.
  • Wild dog gets more fight scenes. That’s good.
  • Screams to direct air? Nifty.
  • In car fight scene was different and good.
  • Tennis balls are the real victims.
  • The News Anchor looks like Laurel. I’m not saying she’s Black Siren, but I haven’t seen the news anchor and Black Siren in the same place at the same time…

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