Review: Star Wars: Crucible


I went into this expecting more of the excitement from the Legacy of the Force novels, but came out of it a little disappointed. In several instances, the Jedi are more powerful than they usually are, and then when it counts, their power is strangled to create more tension. I didn’t feel any sort of unity in Luke’s abilities, or that of his sister.

One major theme for the novel, that I’ll omit for those that wish to read it, could have easily tied into the entire Jaden Korr novel series and thus created a lot of changes and excitement. I thought that this was a direction that was being set up for them to go, and yet it never took that turn. It makes me mostly wonder what the entire point of that plot arc was for.

Mostly, this book is for anyone who’s read most of the rest of the Star Wars books, especially the Legacy of the Force series. If you haven’t read it, than you won’t enjoy it nearly as much as you could. That being said, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars (because I have read the rest of them).


This review was originally posted on an older blog of mine. 6/27/2013

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