Review: I Was a Teenage Weredeer, by CT Phipps

I was a Teenage Weredeer, by C.T. Phipps is, in my opinion, the best elements of The Dresden Files, True Blood, Mean Girls, and Supernatural all wrapped into one very well put-together package.
The heroine, a weredeer by the name of Jane Doe (get it?) gets wrapped up in a murder mystery a la the X-Files that shakes the very foundation of being a weer-anything. It’s a great book that focuses on a lot of issues, from parental abuse, to family tradition, to racism, to women’s rights, to being a weredeer in a state that’s famous for hunters. Hell, weredeer even get a chance to hunt back. This story hits you right in the feels, dealing with the guilt associated with loss, the emotional destruction left in the wake of rape, and the beautiful reality that is young lust.
Personally, I’m addicted to this book and look forward to the series that’s supposed to follow. It has a little something from every one of my fandoms, and uses them to create an entirely new fandom. Personally, as much as I loved Straight out of Fangton by the same author, I prefer the Jane Doe stories and the emotional rollercoaster that they take you on.

You can pick up a copy by going here:

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