Review: IT (2017)

This is where I review “IT.”

IT was great. I loved IT. IT was also very scary. Nothing was scarier than IT. I couldn’t get enough of IT.

That being said, IT had strengths and weaknesses, as anything would. IT did more to explain what IT was than the original one, and that was great. I also loved how IT was scary without the overused convention of jump scares that we see a lot of.

As for weaknesses, I felt that some of the characters IT had weren’t as well developed as I would have liked. Specifically, we never meet the parents of Ben Hanscom, which might not seem that important, but everyone else gets a parental growth story of some kind. Either a freedom or a coming to terms in some way. Ben’s parents are completely absent, which is odd for someone who is one of the main characters of focus.

But I digress, as:

IT was magnificent, and I look forward to more of IT if IT becomes something that people want to make more of. Try not to hold my one negative against IT, as IT was 99% solid and only 1% of “Huh, why didn’t they cover that a little more?”

I can’t wait to rewatch IT, share IT, and tell people about IT.

What did you think of IT?

IT could be the new IT thing everyone wants to talk about…

That joke might have overdone IT…

Get IT?


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