Satan’s Salesman Hiatus

At the last DW Team meeting, I discussed how I need to re-find my focus in writing. I have so many projects going on, both personally and professionally, that they are diluting my time. Instead of completing a project in a respectable time-frame (defined by myself), I’m instead getting moderate advancement in multiple projects. While this gives me advancement in each of my projects, this leads to not putting out anything in the respectable time-frame that I’ve set for myself. If I continue on this path, I’ll have months (or longer) before I publish anything that I had originally intended, and in that time I could easily see myself taking on more and more projects that could slow me down.

That leads me to my choice of focus.

I’m going to be devoting as much of my time toward the completion of individual projects, in an order that I am outlining myself. The first one that I wish to complete, will be the Broken Nights Sequel. We finally settled on a name as well, Broken Nights: Strange Worlds.

That means that my other projects are being moved to the back-burner. The only thing that I’ll also be working on during Broken Nights: Strange Worlds, will be the completion of the Ghostbusters: Des Moines first season. Only one episode left!

What does that mean for you, my faithful readers? Well, first of all, the results of the “Should I write Bridge Over Paradiso” poll were less than lack-luster. That story will be shelved for now. Satan’s Salesman on the other hand, isn’t shelved, just being put on hiatus until I’m done with Broken Nights: Strange Worlds.

Gasp! I know, it sucks, but I am finding it too difficult to remain excited about stories that inch forward. I either need to quit my day job and focus entirely on writing, or I need to pick a project and “git-er-dun.”

This doesn’t mean that you won’t find excellent reads on the blog anymore. While my co-author and I have decided that you won’t be getting any more spoilery bits regarding Broken Nights: Strange Worlds, I will continue to post stories to this blog on a regular basis.

Stay tuned…

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