33 and counting!

If you’re reading this on 1/14, I wrote this a week ago. 

It’s my birthday. This is a time of celebration, but over the years the celebration has been changing. At this point, it’s more of an excuse to celebrate than an actual reason to celebrate but whatever. The real reason to celebrate would probably be that I’ve somehow, against all odds if you ask any of my wonderful friends, survived 33 years. Those same friends will probably show mock surprise before recalling the strong force of dumb luck that has helped to guide my life.

Anyway, every year I post to Facetwit or Tweetbook that all I want is for you, the person reading this, to buy a copy of one of my books. This year is kind of the same except I want to offer you something too. I want reviews of my books. Any title, just go to http://amazon/com/author/MatthewDavenport and pick a title. Send me a message or comment on this. I’ve got audiobooks and ebooks, hell I’ll even mail you a print copy. You just have to message or comment saying that you WILL GIVE ME AN HONEST REVIEW. That’s all I want for my birthday: MORE REVIEWS.

Or a book/movie deal.


Anyway, I wrote this a week ago and am going to get back to enjoying that day. I dunno what I’m doing for my birthday. The older I get, the more I value my free time, so I’m probably at home pretending the outside world doesn’t exist.

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