Busy Times

Much to my personal heartache, my NaNoWriMo is way behind with no sign of catching up in time to be considered a winner.

On the one hand, this bothers me because I wanted to have two novels at least at the editor stage before the end of December. At this rate, I’m hoping to have at least one finished by my birthday (1/14, write it down. I like gift cards…). Unfortunately for my brother and co-author, it looks like Broken Nights 2 (yeah, it’s still unnamed…) is the story that won’t be done by my birthday. Fortunately, for me, I think Satan’s Salesman will at least be at the editor by sometime in December.

The reason that NaNoWriMo has been derailed? I’m busy as hell.

This month, my company Davenport Writes will have helped publish or put into print a handful of books. First is The Father of Chicago, by Lois Beh, that follows the historical retelling of Du Sable during the founding of Chicago. Then there’s Stephen Miller’s book (the name escapes me right now, as we just got the book back from the editor and he’s reviewing it now), that covers financial strategy. Then there’s Dhampir Three, by Melissa Ann Gaumes, that just got it’s cover back from my pal Putnam. As for books, the last one that I’m working on this week is Larry Clayton’s Unforgettable, that is a mix of photo album and memoirs. Formatting is a little more difficult for his, as originally it was in a Apple Pages format that I needed to convert, and then I need (I’m only two thirds of the way through) to us photoshop to add captions to each picture and crop them for placement. All of this “busy” doesn’t include Jack Fetty’s new Red River Justice book that I just finished formatting and uploading to Createspace.

It also doesn’t include the three websites that I was building this month, the annual anthology (that I think is going to become a biennial anthology, as I don’t have the time nor the funds necessary to put it together. It also is currently too short and needs more submissions. If you’re interested, please email support@davenportwrites.com), or my day job which takes priority. It also doesn’t include the Arcade Cabinet that I’m building a guy starting this weekend.

All of this, as well as my incredibly low pricing, my failure to impress upon my clients that they need to pay me, and my enjoyment of at least some modicum of free time, led me to adjust the davenportwrites.com website offerings and product structure. Now, every job I take on will be either through the website or not at all. It will help me to better prioritize my projects, it will funnel out the people who are happy to use me and my inability to be a debt collector, and it will give me more personal time to work on my own writings.

Simply put, I’m overworked, underpaid, and want a life, but I love doing what I do and providing authors with the tools they need. I just need to put limits on how much of my own time that takes up.

All of that leads me to my point, I’ve failed my NaNoWriMo pretty damn hard and the month isn’t over yet.

I’m not complaining, at all. Consider this the explanation for why my price structure and offerings has shifted, albeit slightly.

Anyway, that’s the update. Go have a beer.

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