Trying out AlphaSmart

About a month ago, author Kathryn Daughtery asked me to take a look at her QuickType Word Processor because it stopped working and I’m a nerd.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out why her device stopped working, but I loved the concept of the word processor. I had looked into them before, but had never played with them in any capacity. After playing with her dead QuickType, I decided to look a little deeper in this older technology. I loved the idea of a really simple writer, and upon further research I picked up the AlphaSmart 3000 on Amazon for about $11.

I’m trying it out now, and can say that I really like it. There are a few things that I need to get used to, such as the backspace key doesn’t work as quickly as I’m used to, but otherwise, I’m incredibly happy with this piece of writing history.

The idea, at least as far as I’m concerned, is that I am less likely to get distracted if I’m not on a computer. Already, I haven’t checked a single thing while I have been typing this, and have instead just focused on the words. Writers today need to be able to recognize what their personal roadblocks are that stand in the way of them getting their work done. Knowing your distractions can help you to avoid them or discover ways to avoid them.

The internet is a huge distraction for me. As I sit here typing, I can already feel the pull to check on Social Media or go to KDP’s website to check on my book sales, but countering that pull is the fact that my phone is out of reach and my laptop is turned off.

The inconvenience is outweighing the temptation, and the result is that I can put down more words.

I’ve defeated my distractions and that’s awesome.

Game, Set, Match. Winner is AlphaSmart 3000.


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