Motivation Challenge

I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, The Self-Publishing Podcast, and they mentioned working with an author who wrote 45,000 words in 15 hours.

It made me remember Harlan Ellison writing an entire novel in a day. I’ve always been impressed with Harlan, mostly for his candid lack of a filter, but also because that same lack of a filter should be adopted by most authors as a business plan.

I’m getting distracted by author fandom, so I’ll get back to my point: I don’t know if I could do a novel in a day, but I’ve done a novel in a month on multiple occasions. I just need the same atmosphere to make that happen. And that got me thinking about how I might motivate myself.


NaNoWriMo works for me because I see everyone else’s word meters as competition. I tried to join writing groups, but no one was ever about keeping a pace, and that pace is what I am all about. To keep it, I need to know that I’m fighting to keep ahead of someone else.

My point is this, who’s up for a serious competition? When I say serious, I don’t mean money, I mean a no excuses, we’re going to try our hardest, there could be tears, competition?

And honestly, I want this to be more than one competition, I mostly want someone who will keep wanting to challenge me. Fight, brawl, and in the end, we have stories or novels or whatever we’re working on.

The rules are simple, we keep track using meters from this page. I’ll be blue, because I said so. Only typed words count, and believe me, this isn’t to hinder you, it’s to hinder me. I do all of my writing in notebooks first, and then I type it up. ANY words written before the challenge has been accepted by yourself and myself don’t count.

The goal? We’ll start with 25,000 words for the first competition and then we’ll move it up.

The deadline? We’ll discuss that when you challenge me.

I don’t have too many people who read this personal blog yet. Mostly because I just opened it the other day, but I really want someone, anyone, who considers themselves a serious typer to take me on in this. I want us both to come out of this with projects completed and a new pace that we both can keep up with.

Bring it on.


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